March 16, 2023
Widely considered one of the best practical guides to programming, Steve McConnell’s original “Code Complete” has been helping developers write better software for over three decades. The author’s timeless techniques and strategies are still relevant in spite of the evolution of programming languages or the shift from waterfall to agile. He revises the impact these changes have had on the software environment together with Jeffrey Van Gogh, Director of Software Engineering at Google. They don’t step away from covering some of the controversial subjects from the book and give relevant advice for programmers that are just entering this space.
#Clean Code #software architecture #programming
March 14, 2023
Are you a developer ready to embark on your cloud journey but feeling overwhelmed? Fear not! The benefits of the cloud far outweigh the initial struggles. With automation and proper monitoring, you can avoid sky-high bills while elevating your company and user experience to new heights. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from Lorna Jane Mitchell and Holly Cummins as they share their practical war stories from their own cloud migration and operations. Join us and take your development game to the next level!
#Cloud Computing #cloud native #automation
March 14, 2023
YOW! is excited to announce another series of events offering in-depth coverage of current and emerging practices and technologies to software professionals Down Under in 2023.
#yow #tech conference #summit #Australia #conference #Tech
March 8, 2023
What better way to recognize contributions than by shining a spotlight on the inspiring female software engineers who are transforming our technology landscape? From creating game-changing applications for healthcare and finance to developing powerful algorithms for machine learning, women are paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in STEM.
#women #Tech #Embrace Equity #women in tech #international womens day
March 7, 2023
Revamp your code with refactoring! In an insightful interview with Julian Wood, Christian Clausen, author of Five Lines of Code, shares practical tips for improving your code without relying on “code smells”. Simplifying your code is the key to running your business smoothly. Clausen highlights what matters most in terms of simplifying your code and how it can aid in choosing the right architectural paradigm. Streamline your code today and focus on what really matters!
#software architecture #Clean Code #refactoring
March 6, 2023
Unleash your creativity with Sam Aaron's Sonic Pi! This user-friendly tool lets you code and create music simultaneously. Start composing your own tunes!
#SonicPi #teaching #kids #how to code #music
February 23, 2023
IntelliJ IDEA is used by over 13 million developers globally. It offers professional developers a comprehensive toolkit for any task they need to perform. However, this can be overwhelming for newcomers. "Getting to Know IntelliJ IDEA" addresses this issue by offering two approaches for users of varying experience levels. Trisha Gee and Helen Scott have combined their expertise to provide tips and tricks to help readers make the most of the IDE, from debugging to versioning, dependencies, and build tools. The aim is to ensure that every moment spent reading the book is valuable and informative.
#java #IntelliJ #IDE #programming
February 21, 2023
Over the past decade, AutoML has revolutionized the world of data science, propelling it several layers forward in terms of abstraction. This powerful technology has paved the way for a new era of democratization, empowering experts from all fields to harness the power of data through the concept of the citizen data scientist. Moez Ali, Creator of PyCaret, and Linda Stougaard Nielsen, director of data science at Ava Women, discuss two sides of this discipline and its future.
#Low Code #PyCaret #data science #machine learning #AutoML
February 15, 2023
Learning to code entails learning both the programming logic and the syntax of the programming language. In most programmes, the initial classes teach C++. When kids learn to program they often use either a visual language like Scratch or a textual language like Python. But it’s not always the best way. Moving from a block- to text-based programming language can be challenging. That’s where Hedy comes in.
#Hedy #programming languages #how to code #kids
February 14, 2023
What are the technologies that one should leverage to build modern, scalable, and flexible applications? Julian Wood, developer advocate at AWS Serverless, talks with Jessica Cregg, previously a developer advocate at LaunchDarkly, now an information technology operations engineer at CybSafe about the mindset and tools required to build scalable software without over-engineering a solution
#app development #serverless #Feature Flags #cloud native
February 9, 2023
There are no easy decisions in software architecture. Instead, there are many hard parts--difficult problems or issues with no best practices--that force you to choose among various compromises. With this book, you'll learn how to think critically about the trade-offs involved with distributed architectures.
#software architecture #continuous delivery #culture #Software Teams #devops #microservices
February 7, 2023
A few years ago, cloud native was viewed by many as a buzzword or just a developing trend. Today, it has become the standard for companies seeking to boost team efficiency and reduce costs. To fully realize its benefits, a comprehensive understanding of both its capabilities and costs is essential. AWS and Microsoft are two big players on the market and Tibi Covaci, from Microsoft Azure, and Eric Johnson from AWS Serverless, are advocating for cloud native as a default characteristic of any organization, no matter its size.
#software architecture #serverless #cloud native
January 26, 2023
Despite the widespread adoption of DevOps and CICD, some companies still rely on manual deployment in 2023. Michael Nygard, author of "Release It!" examines new patterns and anti-patterns that have emerged since the first edition of his book was released in 2007. Mike and Trisha Gee explore why companies using current best practices continue to encounter challenges. Come along to hear from the trenches of the DevOps movement.
#CICD #cloud-native #Continuous Deploy #Continous Integration #devops
January 24, 2023
It’s almost a given that you or your company will be hacked one day. How fast and how you react is the thing that makes the difference. Eleanor Saitta explains the ins and outs of an attack and what you should have in place to surpass it successfully.
#software architecture #cloud security #Software Security #cyber security
January 17, 2023
The engineering culture, core functionalities, and its monolithic architecture are just some of the factors behind GitHub’s success. Ole Friis Østergaard talks about the special division for analyzing tests that are not behaving as expected. In such a complex environment, their work has a big impact on the entire system. Discover how their engineering culture, approach to software overall, and some Commodore 64 love have inspired all this.
#c64 #Clean Code #software tests #software testing
December 27, 2022
#bestof #recap #highlights #2022 #top
December 22, 2022
At GOTO we are all about learning so to wrap up 2022 we asked a few of our speakers and authors about the most exciting technology they learned this year. In addition to that, they shared what they think will disrupt the software world in the next five years. Their answers range from Dapper and Quarkus to Data Mesh’s revolutionary principles to deep focus. Tune in and learn more!
#Quarkus #java #Micro Frontends #software architecture
December 15, 2022
Some things must be told that cannot be written, so that storytelling is deeply, deeply human." Stories are the backbone of our culture as humankind. They can be successfully used as agile, collaborative ways to not only view but understand the various domains that software projects touch upon. Avraham Poupko explores how you can better understand and visualize this, in a domain-driven way, with the authors of the "Domain Storytelling: A Collaborative, Visual & Agile Way to Build Domain-Driven Software", Stefan Hofer and Henning Schwentner.
#Software #domain driven design #software architecture #software development #Coding #User Stories
December 13, 2022
In most cases, there is more than one way to solve a problem. Based on our evolution, however, we are tempted to solve problems by adding features, code, and complexity. There is an alternative to that, though. Kevlin Henney and Sander Hoogendoorn discuss these attempts in this GOTO Unscripted episode recorded at GOTO Amsterdam 2022. A good starting point is to reevaluate the way in which we do things and try to eliminate the complexity that software developers are attracted to.
#Monads #code #Code Complexity
December 12, 2022
#london #yow #Tech #conference
December 6, 2022
Agile, Lean, and DevOps are more than buzzwords even though they have taken over the world at different times. The processes and technologies they employed have helped improve the entire world, not just the software world. Klaus Bucka-Lassen, Lars Kruse, and Malte Foegen debate the intersection and cross-pollination between the three worlds with a focus on applying them on all levels in practice in large organizations.
#software development #open source #devops #scrum #agile #lean
December 1, 2022
How can you leverage the power of illustrations to solve coding problems in your daily struggles? Join Aditya Y. Bhargava, author of "Grokking Algorithms: An Illustrated Guide for Programmers and Other Curious People,” and Gabi O'Connor, senior software engineer II at Etsy, to find out how you can create analogies with abstractions. Learn how to embrace algorithms and how they can help you in your day-to-day job.
#software development #Algorithms #Problem Solving #Coding
November 22, 2022
Code is always a means to an end rather than the end product itself. It’s extremely important to understand the broader picture and see what the code that you or your team are going to write is helping to solve. Michele Hansen, author of Deploy Empathy and co-founder of Geocodio, reveals some of the best practices around understanding your users and responding to their needs. Join Michele and Hannes Lowette, head of learning & development at Axxes, while they dive into how to run successful and useful customer interviews.
#Coding #Empathy #User Interviews
November 17, 2022
Migrating to the cloud has become a “sine qua non” these days. The compact articles in 97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know inspect the entirety of cloud computing, including fundamentals, architecture and migration. You'll go through security and compliance, operations and reliability and software development. And examine networking, organizational culture, and more. Find out the story behind the benefits of curating such a community-driven book from the co-editors Emily Freeman, head of DevOps product marketing at AWS, Nathen Harvey, developer advocate at Google Cloud, and Chris Williams, cloud therapist and principal cloud solutions architect for World Wide Technologies.
#Cloud Computing #devops #DevSecOps #cloud native #microservices
November 15, 2022
Should everyone move to the cloud? Are all event-driven architectures serverless or is it the other way around? Join the two experts, Matt Turner, software engineer at Tetrate, and Eric Johnson, principal developer for serverless at AWS, to discover if you should make that journey and how does that journey look like. Understand the power of these technologies together with some useful tips & tricks about testing and the BEAM languages.
#microservices #cloud native #event-driven architecture #software architecture #serverless
November 8, 2022
Kevlin Henney, an independent consultant, and Fred George, an early adopter of OO & agile development, are exploring the ins and outs of agile transformation. They exchange views on what brings back the joy of programming while still offering companies a competitive advantage. They explore some of the frameworks for dealing with complex problems like Cynefin and agile development. They also talk about what went wrong with Microservices.
#scrum #microservices #agile
November 3, 2022
What’s the difference between programming and software engineering? Join Titus Winters, co-curator of “Software Engineering at Google”, and Matt Kulukundis while they approach the lessons learned by software engineering teams at Google in establishing the right practices for writing sustainable code in a safe environment. Discover what Google is still trying to improve on and what software decisions are difficult to undo.
#culture #software architecture #microservices #devops #continuous delivery #Software Teams
October 25, 2022
In many cases, agile practices have been introduced in organizations starting bottom-up. There is, however, a new trend where management is trying to be the driver of agility. Join the discussion with Malte Foegen, COO at wibas, Luxshan Ratnaravi, agile coach at Bankdata and Mikkel Noe-Nygaard, UX design specialist at Vestas, to understand what changes have to be implemented in an enterprise for such a top-down approach. And more importantly, can it be successful?
#teams #scrum #agile
October 20, 2022
Kafka has been on developers’ radars for quite a while now. Viktor Gamov’s co-authored book “Kafka in Action” ensures that you have a list of recipes to dive into. Joined by Tim Berglund, VP DevRel at StarTree, they explore the fundamentals of Apache Kafka. Learn what Kafka can help you achieve, what Viktor’s favorite MCU film is and what “Highway to Mars” by Beast In Black has to do with all of this.
#data #Apacke #kafka #streams
October 18, 2022
When do you refactor your code? Learn from Christian Clausen, author of "Five Lines of Code" and Adam Tornhill, author of "Your Code As A Crime Scene" and "Software Design X-Rays” how to analyze your code to understand its need for refactoring. Furthermore, gain an understanding of the social side of refactoring and its implications.
#Code Forensics #functional programming #clojure #Code Refactoring
October 6, 2022
Spring Boot is a versatile and supportive environment for developers. Mark Heckler, the author of Spring Boot: Up and Running and Thomas Vitale, software architect at Systematic, explore many of its capabilities while discussing Mark’s book. They cover hot topics such as data integrations, deploying in production, security and reactive vs imperative programming. They both share their views and transforming experiences of joining the Spring Boot community.
#spring boot #jvm #kotlin #java #cloud native
October 4, 2022
Today cloud-native and cloud transformation are more than buzzwords. However, most companies and development teams have not yet surpassed all the hurdles that come with moving to the cloud. Holly Cummins and Kevlin Henney dismantle why many organizations think by adopting microservices to their cloud strategy, they are ‘doing cloud right’ and how ‘Contract Testing’ can help to reduce the risks of microservices deployments.
#microservices #software legacy #cloud native
September 27, 2022
Legacy systems as well as legacy software have a significant impact on any digital transformation project. Join Hannes Lowette, head of learning & development at Axxes, Rob Horn, technical principal director at Thoughtworks, and Ian Cartwright, technical director at Thoughtworks, to learn how to recognize a legacy system. They discuss common patterns and anti-patterns as well as how to break a legacy system into smaller pieces to ensure a successful transformation.
#Software Complexity #digital transformation #Legacy Systems
September 22, 2022
If you are working with AWS on a daily basis or are looking into it then the AWS Cookbook by John Culkin and Mike Zazon should definitely be on your radar. Explore some of the recipes that can ease and improve your work in a discussion with Kesha Williams, senior manager at Slalom. Some of the recipes discussed look at security, networking, storage, serverless, and containers.
#serverless #aws #security
September 20, 2022
Software shares multiple similarities with living creatures. Embark on a journey with Kevlin Henney, an independent consultant & speaker, and James Lewis, consultant at Thoughtworks, to undercover some of the aspects that make producing software so complex from trending frameworks, that help you understand the human component, to its disposable aspect and the way it influences companies and solves real-world problems.
#complexity #expert talk #Team Topologies
September 13, 2022
Self-driving vehicles have been a hot topic for a while now and everyone is waiting for the next breakthrough. Prayson Daniel, principal data scientist at NTT DATA, and Oscar Beijbom, co-founder at Nyckel, stuck their heads together to review what type of machine learning data is needed to run an autonomous vehicle. Furthermore, they talked about topics such as security, language choices and when the time of deploying a model has come.
#machine learning #self-driving cars #autonomous vehicles #AV
September 8, 2022
Why is it better to start with functions before going into classes when learning Python? Join Naomi Ceder, author of "The Quick Python Book", and Luciano Ramalho, author of "Fluent Python", while they talk about the things they love in Python. They explore the new developments of the language as static functions and concurrency, and chat about the reasons for which the language is so popular. They also touch on a business version for Python.
#machine learning #python
September 6, 2022
While hypergrowth means that a company is on the right track, this phase comes with challenges at all levels of the organization. Lena Reinhard, coach and consultant, and Blake Walters, senior director of engineering at CircleCI, share best practices based on their own experiences, navigating the ambiguity that comes along with these hypergrowth phases in a company's life cycle. Learn how to get through this phase successfully, what tools and tips can support the company and what hypergrowth means for the software engineering team.
#Scaling #teams #agile #hypergrowth #leading
August 30, 2022
How close are we to interacting with machines at a human level? Learn about the state of the art in deep learning with practical insights from Zenodia Charpy, Senior Data Scientist at NVIDIA. She talks to Eric Johnson, Principal Developer Advocate at AWS, about the basics of language models and their evolution toward multilingual transformers.
#machine learning #NLP #natural language processing #GPT
July 14, 2022
How do modern data platforms integrate into today’s world? Join Guy Harrison and Ben Darnell, the authors of CockroachDB: The Definitive Guide, to learn about the different use cases and unique functions of CockroachDB. Take a deep dive into the migration to the cloud and the different requirements for analytical and transactional data platforms.
#databases #Google Spanner #sql # PostgreSQL
July 11, 2022
Technology can advance faster if we share our knowledge. That’s the mission of a developer advocate. Ana-Maria Mihalceanu, developer advocate at Red Hat, talked to Eric Johnson, principal developer advocate at AWS, about her passion for learning, sharing knowledge, Java and Kubernetes. Discover what a Kubernetes operator is and when to use it vs Terraform.
#DevRel #innovation #java #kubernetes
July 5, 2022
Writing music, building guitars and writing software share more similarities than one would imagine at first. Kevlin Henney, an independent consultant, chats with Dylan Beattie, creator of the Rockstar programming language, and Hannes Lowette, head of learning & development at Axxes, about the craftsmanship and creativity that is required from them. They showcase Hannes’ self-made guitar, the importance of making decisions at the right point in time or how there isn’t a default for solving problems in either of these domains, but rather a personalized and evolving approach.
#music #software craftmanship #Software #programming
June 30, 2022
The API ecosystem is constantly evolving while the focus is changing in some cases from designing them to the implementation phase. Mike Amundsen, the author of the Restful Web API Patterns & Practices Cookbook, and Alianna Inzana, VP of Product at WeTransfer, are covering these recent changes while also touching on broader subjects like evolvable architectures. Join them for a BookClub episode revolving around “Restful Web API Patterns & Practices Cookbook”
#apis #Web APIs #software architecture #rest
June 28, 2022
If you look at recent developments in human history, the world may seem like a grim place, in which humanity is setting itself for destruction. However, if you consider the research made in various disciplines such as anthropology, archaeology, sociology, philosophy and psychology, you’ll see that in fact the contrary is happening. Preben Thorø, CTO at Trifork Switzerland, talked to Rutger Bregman, historian and author of “Humankind: A Hopeful History”, about how the world is a much better place than we perceive it and how research can restore our belief in the good of humanity.
#future #Humankind
June 21, 2022
.NET has been undergoing a massive development since its very beginning. Martin Thwaites, developer advocate for Honeycomb, and Hannes Lowette, head of learning and development at Axxes, enjoyed every step of its path. Join them as they reveal important milestones in .NET’s evolution as well as gain practical insights into web performance, running .NET at scale, and how to implement observability.
June 9, 2022
Observability is crucial for developing and understanding the software that powers today’s complex systems. Charity Majors, Liz Fong-Jones, and George Miranda, authors of “Observability Engineering” show you how to manage software at scale, deliver complex cloud-native applications and systems, and the benefit observability has across the entire software development lifecycle. You’ll also learn the impact observability has on organizational culture (and vice versa).
#cardinality #observability engineering #complexity #monitoring
May 31, 2022
Complexity of software systems sometimes grows beyond control. Left unchecked, it can leave behind bloated applications. Kevlin Henney talks to Hadi Hariri, developer advocate at JetBrains, about how some of the key traits of developers like creativity and problem solving make them prone to innovate more but also over-engineer their code and not choose solutions based on context.
#Software Complexity #Over-engineering #complexity #kotlin #programming languages #jvm
May 26, 2022
What’s the state of the art in modern security practices? The authors of the book Security Chaos Engineering, Aaron Rinehart and Kelly Shortridge talk to Mark Mille about the shift in the mental model that one has to undertake to reap its benefits. Their approach paves a new way that allows security engineers to uncover bugs in complex systems by chaos experiments before an actual attack.
#Reliability Engineering #security #chaos engineering #Software Security #SRE
May 19, 2022
James Higginbotham, author of “Principles of Web API Design”, outlines the key points of creating and using APIs in today’s world. In the conversation with Mike Amundsen, author of “RESTful Patterns and Best Practices for API's Cookbook” you discover the principles of James’ ADDR process and how job stories and event storming contribute to a successful API launch. Furthermore, they touch upon key terms such as minimum viable portal and why API boundaries are so hot at the moment.
#apis #Web APIs #microservices
May 17, 2022
Join Mark Rendle, MS Dev Tech MVP, and Matt Turner, DevOps leader, architect, and engineer at Marshall Wace, in a passionate discussion about gRPC’s past and future and how it fits in with technologies such as .NET and service meshes. They get deep in the weeds on technology cycles while debating the future of infrastructure as a code and Kubernetes. And Mark has a brilliant idea on how to build an alternative to Facebook.
#dotnet #kubernetes #service mesh #performance #infrastructure as code #gRPC
May 10, 2022
The current events of COVID19 and the conflict in Europe have raised the stakes for cyber attacks. Jørn Larsen, the CEO of Trifork, talks with Rickard Carlsson, the CEO of Detectify, about trends in cybersecurity and how Detectify is leading the way. They discuss Detectify’s approach to fighting cybercrime and the impact of cryptocurrencies, war, and pandemic on cyberattacks.
#Software Security #Cybersecurity #remote work
April 28, 2022
Machine Learning has been declared dead several times but that’s far from true. Join Adi Polak, vice president of developer experience at Treeverse, and Holden Karau, open source engineer at Netflix, in their conversation about Kubeflow and how it provides better tooling in the ML space. The discussion touches on Holden’s book “Kubeflow for Machine Learning” and expands to cover the worlds of Ray and Dask.
#machine learning #kubeflow #software architecture #functional programming
April 26, 2022
Lately, mobile developers have had to answer this question the most: Shall we go native or use a cross-platform framework? And if so, which one? Sebastiano Poggi, team lead at Jetbrains, and Carl-Gustaf Harroch, founder/managing director at Novoda, explore current best practices around modern mobile development highlighting the impact of team collaboration and matching technologies across platforms.
#front-end development #mobile development #mobile app #native app
April 14, 2022
You may think test-driven development wouldn't work in your preferred programming language, or that it would disrupt your code writing — this Book Club episode proves otherwise. Saleem Siddiqui, author of “Learning Test-Driven Development,” and Dave Farley, author of "Modern Software Engineering," review the multiple ways test-driven development can yield more effective results and produce higher quality code.
#test-driven development #software testing #testing in production #javascript #pyhton #tdd #go #Golang
April 12, 2022
Audun Fauchald Strand, principal engineer at NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration), shares the story of how they modernized their long-running open source platform NAIS. In their conversation, Audun and Kevlin Henney touch on topics such as how to organize massive amounts of data and if legacy code can be considered as something good. You’ll also find out how open source fits in a large governmental software team that focuses on transparency.
#software legacy #software architecture #open source #microservices #developer culture #Data Mesh #software observability
April 5, 2022
Learn from Russ Olsen and Christian Romney why you should look into functional programming. They explore the nature of the paradigm as well as its advantages and misconceptions. In this GOTO Unscripted, Russ Olsen shares his war stories and explains how functional programming influences his code for the better.
#expert talk #programming #Software #elm #functional programming
March 31, 2022
How can modern organizations handle their data in a way that delivers value at scale? Zhamak Dehghani, author of “Data Mesh: Delivering Data-Driven Value at Scale,” covers the key principles of data mesh and how it can help organizations move beyond the data lake to provide meaningful insights. She’s joined by Samia Rahman, director of data and AI at Seagen, as they also explore the concept of the earliest explorable data.
#machine learning #data lake #data-driven #Data Mesh
March 29, 2022
Security is a key topic in software. Lately, it has shifted from a security team responsibility to a task every single developer has to think about. Jim Manico, Founder and Secure Coding Educator at Manicode Security, and John Steven, the Founding Principal at Aedify Security, assess the evolution of the security role in order for developers to make the right decisions.
#expert talk #cloud security #software design #software architecture #Software Security
March 22, 2022
What is continuous architecture and how does it fit in today’s world? Has the role of a software architect changed over the last few years, and what are the main skills you need to be good at architecting software? Pierre Pureur, co-author of “Continuous Architecture in Practice,” and Kurt Bittner, Enterprise Solution at, give an overview of what software architects — or those who dream of becoming one — should consider across each of these questions.
#software testing #expert talk #continuous architecture #software architecture #software architect
March 17, 2022
What should the modern software engineer know in order to be the best at their job? Dave Farley and Steve Smith explore the books that can help engineers succeed and why iteration and experiments are crucial. The discussion is centered around Dave’s latest book, "Modern Software Engineering."
#Software #iteration #testing #engineering
March 15, 2022
Not sure where micro-frontends would fit in your current architecture? Luca Mezzalira, author of “Building Micro-Frontends,” speaks with Lucas Dohmen, a senior consultant from INNOQ, to share what problems you can solve with micro-frontends and where they can fit within your distributed systems.
#development #micro #frontends #front #end #single #app #distributed #systems
March 8, 2022
As it’s International Women’s Day, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight the top five GOTO YouTube releases in the last year featuring women from our network of the brightest minds in tech.
#women #women in tech #international womens day #Tech
March 3, 2022
Micro-frontends are more than just a buzzword. In this GOTO Book Club episode, Luca Mezzalira, author of “Building Micro-Frontends,” shares best practices around how to use them. The conversation also sheds light on some key terms like SSI and ESI.
#micro-frontend #microservices #frontend
March 2, 2022
Are you up to date with the GOTO February releases? If not, we've got you covered with the latest Book Club episodes, podcast releases, Unscripted interviews and just released GOTO Copenhagen 2021 talks. You can also get a sneak peek at the speakers taking the stage at our upcoming conferences: GOTO Amsterdam, GOTO Aarhus and GOTO Copenhagen.
March 1, 2022
What’s next for web development? In this GOTO Unscripted episode we talk with two web development experts about current practices, influences and where we are headed. Watch the full episode or read the article to find out what yogurt and code have in common.
#expert talk #javascript #web development #failure
February 17, 2022
Once you get started with Spring Boot, you never look back. Join Laurentiu Spilca, author of “Spring, Start Here,” and Mark Heckler, author of “Spring Boot: Up and Running,” as they explore their journey with Spring Boot and how it’s changed the way they develop software. This discussion’s starting point is Laurentiu’s book that introduces newbies to this framework.
#spring boot #spring
February 15, 2022
As software architecture continues to evolve rapidly, we are constantly confronted with new challenges. Simon Brown, Dave Farley and Hannes Lowette cover some of the recent trends in software architecture touching on terms such as DevOps and how to deal with complexity. They also reference concepts that have stirred debates forever and are still not done right, like bounded context and continuous delivery.
#expert talk #software architecture #microservices #devops #continuous delivery
February 8, 2022
What would your ideal programming language look like? Erik Doernenburg, head of technology at Thoughtworks, and Richard Feldman, author of “Elm in Action,” sat together at GOTO Copenhagen 2021 to chat about what theirs would look like. They also had a look into the future of up-and-coming languages.
#programming #programming language #elm #rust #roc #zig #clojure #kotlin
February 3, 2022
Microservices have become more than a buzzword and are now viable alternatives to monoliths, which makes understanding why and how they should be used more important than ever. Thinking strategically about software architecture has to be the cornerstone of any software development. Vaughn Vernon, author of “Strategic Monoliths and Microservices: Driving Innovation Using Purposeful Architecture” (Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Vernon)), and James Higginbotham, author of “Principles of Web API Design”, discuss purposeful architecture, why events matter in software and much more.
#event-driven architecture #software architecture #microservices #digital innovation
February 1, 2022
Learn the difference between effectiveness and efficiency and whether your team can be agile without knowing it in this Unscripted episode, recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2021 with Aino Vonge Corry, author of “Retrospectives Antipatterns”, Klaus Bucka-Lassen, agile coach and trainer and Preben Thorø, CTO of Trifork.
#scrum #Retrospectives #agile #teams
January 25, 2022
The last 20 years have brought several major paradigm shifts in software development. Starting as a software developer was quite different in the early days compared to today. Join Eamonn Boyle and Garth Gilmour as they go down memory lane to discuss the ever-changing world of programming.
#engineering #philosophy #programming #functional programming #GOTO Unscripted
January 19, 2022
Ready to scale your company or are you working for a company that is in the process of scaling up? Find out how you can build your software architecture or what changes you need to do to your current one so your product doesn’t break. Join Lee Atchinson and Ken Gavranovic to learn what are some best practices around architecting and operating for scale: risk management, moving to microservices, continuous vs future releases.
#microservices #continuous delivery #software architecture
January 18, 2022
There is an entire language ecosystem behind Erlang programming, and Francesco Cesarini, founder and technical director at Erlang Solutions, has been using it to solve problems at scale for more than 30 years. Find out how you can leverage Erlang to your own benefit.
#GOTO Unscripted #erlang #rabbitmq #elixir
January 11, 2022
Thinking of going cloud native and looking for the best way to do it? In this Unscripted episode, Lars Jensen talks with cloud specialists Thomas Vitale and Lasse Højgaard about their day-to-day work and experience with cloud native, Kubernetes and all things related.
#cloud native #kubernetes #GOTO Unscripted
December 23, 2021
2021 was a packed year for GOTO: we were finally able to meet with some of you in person while continuing to connect with so many of you virtually through conferences, summits, Book Club episodes, Unscripted interviews, a new podcast and more.
December 23, 2021
The holiday season is the perfect time to take a step back, relax and read a book, so we asked past authors and interviewers from GOTO Book Club to share the books that they would either give or want to receive as a gift. Watch this episode for a wide selection of more than 30 recommended titles covering software development and more.
December 21, 2021
Did you like math in school? Join two physicists and one mathematician talking about how math has an impact on every single part of our life from your favorite numbers or equations to cooking an egg or writing a book. This is a perfect fireside chat to enjoy during your end of the year break accompanied by Hannah Fry, Simon Singh & Kevlin Henney.
#mathematics #GOTO Unscripted
December 16, 2021
Did you know that your job is probably one of the best out there? You have the opportunity to make change happen in the world. Keep on learning and be considerate of your impact on society as a whole by: Handling security issues wit OAuth 2 Know the 97 Things Every [Java] Programmer Should Know Discover the power of Graph Databases Understand the power of Service Meshes Discover why developers “Love Kotlin” See what you can use “reinforcement learning” for.
#architecture #kotlin #service mesh #programming #java #Reinforcement Learning #security #functional programming
December 14, 2021
Data science is so much more than collecting, sorting and analyzing data. What does it take to be a data scientist and how does a day in the life of a data scientist look like? Ekaterina Sirazitdinova, Prayson Daniel and Nicholai Stålung will give you an insight into this and more.
#ml #GOTO Unscripted #ai #data science
December 9, 2021
Is your Java application ready for the real world? Join Markus Eisele and Natale Vinto, authors of the book “Modernizing Enterprise Java,” and Ana-Maria Mihalceanu, developer advocate at Red Hat, to uncover key ways to modernize your Java application.
#cloud-native #microservices #java
December 7, 2021
Explore the developments and use cases for hydrogen-powered aircrafts with rocket scientist, aerospace engineer, professor, and CEO and founder of Hydroplane, Dr. Anita Sengupta, interviewed by editor of "97 Things Every Programmer Should Know," Kevlin Henney.
#GOTO Unscripted #future of tech #engineering
November 30, 2021
In this Unscripted episode, Denise Yu and Jiaqi Liu give you insight into their path to becoming senior engineering managers at Github while covering what the position is like. You’ll learn about glue work and how speaking at conferences can influence your career.
#senior engineering manager #Work #career #GOTO Unscripted
November 23, 2021
Kenneth Harris II shares his journey to becoming an engineer at NASA and why learning to fail is a key cornerstone of their culture. Find out what exciting projects follow the well-known Hubble Telescope.
#engineering #GOTO Unscripted #nasa
November 18, 2021
When is the last time you read a programming book? Has it helped you with your career? Check out some of the highlights of the GOTO Book Club and immerse yourself in the next level of your professional development: - Elixir - Elm - Clean Architecture - Containers - Retrospectives - Continuous Architecture Stay tuned for the next episodes.
#elm #microservices #functional programming #programming #software architecture #Unit Testing #Retrospectives #elixir #containers
November 16, 2021
The pandemic and remote work have changed the direction of the DevOps movement. Find out what lies ahead with Hanna Park, community manager at Mattermost, and PJ Hagerty, head of developer relations at Mattermost, in their discussion at GOTO Copenhagen 2021.
#remotework #opensource #devops #GOTO Unscripted
November 11, 2021
Math is all around us, you just need to look for it. And look he did. In this GOTO Book Club episode, Simon Singh, author of the best-sellers "Fermat's Last Theorem," "The Code Book," and "Big Bang" gives fascinating insights into the mathematical secrets embedded in the celebrated TV series The Simpsons. You'll learn how Simon started on the path to writing this story, and why he thinks it will be his last book.
#learning #fermat #science #math #simpsons
November 2, 2021
Nicolas Frankel has worked with Java for decades and has seen a lot, especially on the dark sides of Java security. In this unscripted episode, he talks about his experience and how the Java ecosystem has changed over the years.
#GOTO Unscripted #java #java security
October 28, 2021
There’s a link between how organizations write code and how teams work together. Adam Tornhill can make this link visible to help improve your team’s code and your organization's work. This is the second part of a two-part interview.
#code #team #code analysis
October 21, 2021
There’s a link between how organizations write code and how teams work together. Adam Tornhill can make this link visible to help improve your team’s code and your organization's work. This is the first part of a two-part interview.
#team #code #code analysis
October 19, 2021
The Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) empowers the most remote communities on Earth by leveraging tourism as a driving force for development. In this GOTO Unscripted interview, Jaideep Bansal tells you how they do this in a sustainable and scalable way.
#GOTO Unscripted #human factor #GHE
October 7, 2021
Quantum Computing is on the rise. Do you want to know why you shouldn’t wait to program quantum computers until they are available for everyone? Johan Vos will tell you in this GOTO Book Club episode.
#quantum computing #quantum computer #java
September 28, 2021
Data science has become a bigger part of software engineering. Where does the path lead? What have the changes been over the last couple of years and where are we heading? In this unscripted episode, Dean Wampler takes you on a journey through data science.
#machine learning #software engineering #GOTO Unscripted #data science
September 23, 2021
35,000. That's the average number of decisions a person makes every day. Have you ever wondered how many of these are digital decisions — ones made using technology like smartphones, wearables, laptops? That also includes the ones that computers, algorithms and artificial intelligence make for us... Learn more by diving into this GOTO Book Club episode with Fabio Pereira and Linda Rising.
#behavioral economics #human factor #behavioral science
September 9, 2021
There are tons of books about how to become a manager and how to improve as a manager, but in this Book Club episode, Trisha Gee talks to Ken Kousen about how you can manage your own manager. They explore his book “Help Your Boss Help You,” which takes the standpoint of an employee and how you can build a relationship with your boss that helps you get what you want. What drives the dynamic in a professional relationship, and how can you as an employee steer the wheel for your career?
#SoftwareTeam #leadership
August 26, 2021
Brendan Burns will take you on a journey through the life of Kubernetes. Where does it stand now, what is its history, and what’s waiting for us in the future that you might not expect?
August 25, 2021
Blockchain is often either considered a game changer or the worst thing in the world. We reached out to Stefan Tilkov, co-founder of INNOQ, to get his thoughts on what someone who’s new to blockchain needs to be aware of
#Crypto #bitcoin #security #CryptoCurrencies #Blockchain #cryptography
August 24, 2021
If you think functional programming isn't for you, think again and read on... Anjana Vakil will show you what foreign languages, computational linguistics and the way humans express themselves all have in common. She'll also explore how you can declutter your programming and learn new things.
#languages #learning #GOTO Unscripted #programming language #functional programming
August 10, 2021
Take a quick look at the main takeaways from 6 points shared by Liz Rice from her security checklist covering the need-to-know when deciding how to protect deployments running on containers.
#docker #kubernetes #ContainerSecurity #security #containers
July 21, 2021
Over the years, the way organizations and teams operate in software development has changed quite a bit. In this post we explore Sander Hoogendoorn’s talk on how organizations and teams doing software and product development can transition to focus on delivering value using the ever-evolving and self-organizing power of microteams.
#agilemanifesto #agile #microteams #remotework #HumanFactor
July 14, 2021
While the command-line might seem like an antiquated means of work from outside, it does have unexpected benefits. Bert Jan Schrijver, CTO at OpenValue, is using the command-line to make his work easier, more productive and even fun. Get a quick overview of where to start and what to use the command-line for.
#command-line #utilities #linux
July 8, 2021
Sharing from our experiences is one of the most important ways in which we can help software developers and engineers that are just starting out. We asked some well-known and respected names in the industry some of the things they wish someone had told them when they were starting out. Dive into this GOTO Unscripted episode to discover tips and stories from Mary Poppendieck, Mike Amundsen, Allen Holub, Bernd Rücker, Aino Vonge Corry and Uncle Bob Martin.
July 5, 2021
We've had an exciting few weeks at GOTO, including hosting our first in-person conference since the lockdown started, new episodes of GOTO Book Club, GOTO Unscripted and our podcast, and a few not-to-be missed blog posts.
#GOTOaar #unscripted #BookClub #news
June 29, 2021
After more than 15 months, we finally got the chance to safely meet in person! Check out some of our favorite moments from GOTO Aarhus 2021.
#SoftwareDevelopment #TechConference #Aarhus #developers
June 29, 2021
Daniel H Steinberg, a leading pioneer of Swift, iOS, and Java, shares his story and views on the early transition from Objective-C to Swift and the impact the latter had on the entire Apple ecosystem. Daniel also discusses recent highlights like SwiftUI and Combine while casting a light on how innovation is encouraged at Apple and where and what developments will lead us to in upcoming years.
#Objective-C #swift #Apple
June 28, 2021
An increasing number of organizations are adopting cloud-native apps, and new research reveals that along with that adoption, 60 percent of organizations have increased security concerns. We got together with Jörg Müller, principal consultant at INNOQ, to hear his tips on how to help with the security and operational challenges companies often face when adopting cloud-native apps.
#security #cloudnative #cloud #kubernetes #ServiceMesh
June 25, 2021
What is Jamstack all about? Join Brian Rinaldi and Ray Camden, the authors of the Jamstack book, as they highlight the main benefits of using Jamstack, and how you can do that in more than 100 ways.
#programming #front-end #Jamstack #javascript
June 22, 2021
Dive into the impact software has on CO2 emissions, the tools and initiatives that can lead to sustainable software, and some of the important progress made so far in this conversation with Preben Thorø, CTO of GOTO, and Asim Hussain, Green Cloud Advocate at Microsoft.
#Software Sustainability #Software
June 15, 2021
In the ever-changing landscape of programming, Eammon Boyle and Garth Gilmour have chosen Kotlin as their default language. Preben Thorø explores the reasons behind that choice and how this language could make your life easier.
#kotlin #jvm #programming #languages #c++
June 10, 2021
If you are aiming to achieve the really challenging Internet-style quality attributes about speed and performance and scale you will need a really good architecture. This implies keeping things in sync and having a pragmatic approach. Rather than going after the hyperscalers you can build your own way. Learn from Eoin Woods and Simon Brown how UML and evolutionary architecture can help you achieve that. Did you see the first episode: What to Consider for a Successful Software Architecture ?
#Software Developers #Software Diagrams #C4Model #software architecture #Continous Architecture #Evolutionary Architecture #UML
June 8, 2021
Does team structure actually have an impact on the code quality? John Le Drew and Adam Tornhill discuss the correlations between factors such as team size, structures, diversity and healthy retrospectives on both code quality and effectiveness.
#TechnicalDebt #TeamStructure #CodeQuality #SoftwareTeam
June 3, 2021
Where should you start when setting the basis of your software architecture? What is the minimum required to package and how can viewpoints help? Simon Brown and Eoin Woods explore the right — and best — way to start that process, key things to consider, and what some useful resources are, including “Continuous Architecture in Practice” by Eoin Woods.
#software development #software architecture #UMLs
June 1, 2021
Join Eric Johnson, principal developer advocate at AWS Serverless, as he takes a deep dive into the BEAM languages Elixir & Erlang, along with the help of two experts in the field Saša Jurić, a well-known, independent Elixir mentor, and Ulf Wiger, first paying customer or Erlang and senior specialist in the architecture and design of carrier-class systems. They explore the relationship between the two languages and when they should be used, and they focus on specific use cases such as Erlang in blockchain or bringing the two languages into the serverless space.
#serverless #Blockchain #elixir #erlang
May 26, 2021
Asynchronous dev teams perform best. We’ve all heard this statement at some point, but what does “asynchronous team” actually mean, and what does it take to run one successfully? We asked Brendan O’Leary, senior developer evangelist at GitLab, what his thoughts were.
#remotework #teams
May 25, 2021
Continuous delivery has been around for more than 15 years, but it’s only gained wider adoption in recent years. In this Unscripted interview, Nicki Watt and Ken Mugrage chat with Preben Thoro about the evolution of CD and how it ties in with recent developments in the software architecture space. Find out when you should use CD along with its connection to microservices, serverless, machine learning and graph theory.
#microservices #continuous delivery #serverless
May 20, 2021
How can you leverage unit testing and test-driven development to create better software. Find out from Roy Osherove, the author of “The Art of Unit Testing,” and Dave Farley, the co-author of “Continuous Delivery”, what are some of the main considerations to be made before starting the design and why that is important.
#continuous delivery #Unit Testing #Softare Architecture #Test Driven Development
May 20, 2021
We’re now so excited to share a preview of our virtual conference venue, Virtual CodeNode with our entire community in a brand new video snapshot of the space.
May 19, 2021
Many things that can go wrong in a machine learning project. We had a chat with Phil Winder, data scientist and founder of Winder Research, to dive into what he believes to be the cause of failure in machine learning projects, and whether there’s anything you can do to prevent failing in your own machine learning projects.
#machine learning #Reinforcement Learning
May 18, 2021
Technology is deeply embedded in our daily lives and can influence our behavior in surprising ways. Join Fabio Pereira and Chris Atherton’s discussion about both the short-term and long-term effects of technology on our lives, along with what a constructive approach to UX design looks like and how that might lead to a healthier relationship with technology.
May 11, 2021
Join Gojko Adzic, award-winning author and software delivery consultant, and Lynn Langit, cloud architect building serverless bioinformatics cloud data pipelines, as they discuss the cloud ecosystem, exploring common and actual use cases and why there are different cloud adoption patterns in different regions across the globe as well as in different industries. They also touch upon what are the next cloud adopters, banks, state institutions, and where the cloud industry heading.
#serverless #CloudComputing
May 7, 2021
Dive into this month's roundup, including exciting updates like our first in-person conference for 2021, new dates for GOTO Amsterdam and GOTO Copenhagen, a collection of takeaways from GOTOpia Chicago 2021, and the latest interviews, talks, podcast episodes and articles you don't want to miss.
#GOTOams #conference #GOTOaar #GOTOcph
May 6, 2021
What software technologies have stood the test of time or have had a massive influence over existing systems? Which do you love or hate? We asked these questions to the GOTO Book Club authors and interviewers that made up the lineup for the second season. Find out what Nicki Watt, CTO/CEO at OpenCredo, Eberhard Wolff, fellow at innoQ, Venkat Subramaniam, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., Liz Rice, chief open source officer at Isovalent, Rebecca Nugent, professor in statistics & data science, Phil Winder, CEO of Winder Research, Hanna Prinz, DevOps & software engineer and Eoin Woods, CTO at Endava, had to say. The conversation was moderated by Rebecca Parsons, CTO at ThoughtWorks.
#devops #java #monolith #cloud native #Reinforcement Learning #machine learning #data science #R Language #containers #Cloud Computing #Makefile #kotlin #programming #functional programming #OS #NextStep #service mesh #microservices #Graph Databases #sql
May 5, 2021
We've gathered together some of our favorite moments from GOTOpia Chicago 2021 after three full days of engaging breakout sessions and in-depth Q&As, big picture keynotes, hands-on masterclasses, along with yoga, meditation, a trivia night, games, networking, and even a scavenger hunt in our virtual world.
#GOTOpia #GOTOchgo #Chicago #OnlineConference #conference
May 4, 2021
There is a fine line between three disciplines that take the spotlight of computer science. What are the differences between machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence? Are we ready for truly creative computers, and what's the progress in this field? Feynman Liang, a Ph.D. student in statistics, and Phil Winder, CEO of Winder Research, try to answer all these questions while explaining what data science looks like in practice.
#artificial intelligence #machine learning
April 27, 2021
Is quantum computing just a theory, or is it actually applied in practice? Join Murray Thom in an interview with Preben Thorø to discover the real-life implementations of this technology. You’ll learn how you can leverage D-Wave’s platform as a developer, which is open to all researchers to help solve health problems, and learn how quantum computing has evolved from a theoretical discipline to an applied science that helps researchers and developers solve complex problems 3 million times faster, without consuming any energy.
#data science #quantum computing
April 23, 2021
Jérôme Petazzoni described burnout as the hardest refactor he's ever done. With growing demands from the industry to constantly deliver more, faster, we asked him for some tips that can help you avoid burning out.
#wellness #productivity
April 22, 2021
Join a high level overview of best practices and wise words on how programming should be approached from Uncle Bob, author of “Clean Code,” and Allen Holub, software architect and agile coach. They cover some of the existing guides that can help you become a better programmer and explore how books and current trends are shaping the software landscape.
#software architecture #software development #Clean Code #programming
April 20, 2021
Our brains empower us to run complicated software development programs, but can also be the thing that prevents us from achieving the best possible results due to several psychological biases. Fahran Wallace, senior consultant at OpenCredo, and Benjamin Mitchell, director of engineering at Kevel, discuss those psychological biases at work, how we can tackle them and how we can wire the brain to overcome them.
#agile #software development #Software Teams
April 15, 2021
With brand new GOTO content being released (almost) every day, it can be easy to miss some of the excellent talks, interviews and events we put out into the dev community. As we did last month, once again we've rounded up a few of our latest GOTO Podcasts, Unscripted Interviews, GOTO Book Club episodes and blog posts for you to catch up on below.
#GOTO #podcast #YouTube #unscripted #BookClub
April 13, 2021
What is a data scientist doing in their day-to-day job and how will this impact our lives in the future. Join a conversation with Em Grasmeder, Code Witch at Thoughtwork, and Evelina Gabasova, a Principal Research Data Scientist at The Alan Turing Institute, about how data science is currently shaping our lives and what is the potential for the future.
#data science #machine learning
April 8, 2021
We spoke to Matt Brunt, software engineer at the SANS Institute, one of the largest security training companies, to hear his thoughts on what it takes to adopt a successful shift-left security program for a seamless shift-left process.
April 8, 2021
Microservices have long been a hot topic in software development, with both pros and cons. In “Microservices: Up and Running,” Ronnie Mitra and Irakli Nadareishvili go on a mission to offer guidelines for your first experience with microservices. And in this discussion with Ronnie, world-class expert of API design, security and enterprise development in general, and Mike Amundsen, author of the book "Design and Build Great Web APIs," you’ll discover the decisions that you’ll need to consider, the reasoning behind each, and how to get started with microservices.
#microservices #software architecture
March 30, 2021
Are you still wondering what Artificial Intelligence is and if it can actually be applied in real life? Join the discussion between Doug Lenat,CEO of Cycorp, and Danny Lange, SVP of AI at Unity, at GOTO Chicago 2019 to understand what is the status quo, what are the things for which AI is already being used, what are the struggles, and if we should fear it or not.
#artificial intelligence #machine learning
March 26, 2021
You can now catch the brightest and boldest ideas from language creators and the world’s leading experts in software development in the form of GOTO podcasts.
#GOTOpodcast #talks #podcast
March 25, 2021
Have you ever given process automation a chance? While it affects the daily life of most of the developers on the planet it has a bad reputation. One of the main reasons being that, usually, “Too much logic went into the model at these times, and that was even combined with the technology stack, which was relatively complex” Bernd Ruecker, the author of Practical Process Automation, co-founder at Camunda. Discover the benefits of process automation in an interview with Bernd and Richard Seroter, Director of Product Management at Google Cloud.
#Cloud Computing #Process Automation #Software Processes
March 25, 2021
We got in touch with internationally recognized software architect and agile-transformation consultant Allen Holub, to better understand how we’ve deviated from the original meaning of agile and to highlight some common misconceptions.
March 23, 2021
With brand new GOTO content being released (almost) every day, it can be easy to miss some of the excellent talks, interviews and events we put out into the dev community. So we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Unscripted Interviews, GOTO Book Club episodes and blog posts for you to catch up on.
#BlogPost #BookClub #unscripted
March 17, 2021
Software architecture concepts will help software developers not only advance their careers but also do a better job in their current work. Simon Brown, the creator of the C4Model talks to Stefan Tilkov about why software architecture is something that every developer should understand, how the C4 Model can help with that and why diagrams are so useful in software development.
#software architecture #Software Developers #Software Diagrams #C4Model
March 16, 2021
While the industry is leaning towards distributed systems, implementing the technological patterns is not enough unless you also enable distributed teams to handle those systems. Jørn Larsen reviews best practices for building those teams with Bridget Kromhout, cloud advocate at Microsoft, and Casey Rosenthal, CEO, and co-founder of Verica. They also emphasized the importance of aligning those teams with the business values and elaborate on the “vision of done” in the tech space.
#Distributed Teams #Cloud Computing
March 11, 2021
Software architecture concepts will definitely help software developers not only advance their careers but also do a better job in their current work. Simon Brown, the creator of the C4Model talks to Stefan Tilkov, co-founder and principal consultant at INNOQ, about why software architecture is something that every developer should understand, how the C4 Model can help with that and why diagrams are so useful in software development.
#Coding #software architecture #Software Developers #Software Diagrams #C4Model
March 10, 2021
Our next online conference, GOTOpia Chicago 2021 kicks off April 19-21. Check out the line-up so far and grab your Flash Sale pass at 50% off until noon CET Friday March 12.
#conference #GOTOpia
March 8, 2021
On International Women’s Day, we want to take the opportunity to recognize three of our favorite talks from women who have presented at GOTO Conferences within the last year.
#international womens day #women #Tech #women in tech
March 2, 2021
Jill Wetzler and Evan Suttter sat down with Jørn Larsen to explore what companies could and should do to enable inclusion in the workspace, including what the best tools to accomplish that are and how important it is to have support from different groups in the company. Last but not least, they focus on a list of things that each one of us should do to start moving the needle.
#Inclusion #Software Teams #Retrospectives
February 26, 2021
We break down Stanford associate professor of computer science Chris Re’s recent talk on “Software 2.0” and “AI as an engineering discipline” and bring SVP of Unity Technologies Danny Lange into the conversation.
#ai #machine learning #Software 2.0
February 25, 2021
Running retrospectives can be intimidating, especially if you’re just getting started. However, their importance in shaping teams cannot be contested. To ensure that you run successful retrospectives it is essential to understand what common pitfalls or antipatterns appear while running them. Moreover, in the second episode, based on the book “Retrospectives Antipatterns,” Aino Vonge Corry and John Le Drew highlight the role of the facilitator as a team psychologist and what future retrospectives can do for you.
#agile #Software Teams #Antipatterns #Retrospectives
February 24, 2021
We asked Simon Brown, creator of C4 Software Architecture model and author of "Software Architecture for Developers", what five core things every developer should know about software architecture.
#architecture #SoftwareArchitecture
February 23, 2021
Get a thorough introduction to what quantum computing is and the real-life problems you can solve using these computers and their quantum algorithms. Jørn Larsen talks to Guen Prawiroatmodjo and Jessica Pointing about all this and much more.
#software development #quantum computing
February 18, 2021
Agile retrospectives are much more than just a quick overview and assessment of what has worked and what hasn’t worked. They enable teams to discover their internal mechanisms while sharing, appreciating and learning from what has happened. There are different ways and approaches to handling retrospectives, and in her book, Retrospectives’ Anti-patterns, Aino Vonge Cory highlights them by sharing from her own experience. 
#agile #Software Teams #Retrospectives #Antipatterns
February 17, 2021
JDK 16, set to be released this March, has a considerable amount of new features included, but should you move over to 16? Or should you wait for the next long-term support release with JDK 17? We asked Java Champion Trisha Gee.
#java #JDK 17 #JDK 16
February 17, 2021
Last week we wrapped up yet another fantastic online conference after two days surrounded by 300+ developers, architects and engineers from all over the globe. Check out some of the highlights.
#conference #GOTOpia
February 16, 2021
How is technology shaping our world now, and, more importantly, how will these current developments impact our future? Dr. Gercke, a global thinker and writer focused on global security and cybersecurity, explores how different states and regions leverage various innovative technologies and casts a light on how our world will look in 30 years based on the technologies we’re investing in now. 
#software development #Software #Cybersecurity
February 4, 2021
Find out what reinforcement learning is, how to leverage its unique features and how to start using it with Phil Winder, author of "Reinforcement Learning" and CEO of Winder Research, and Rebecca Nugent, Stephen E. and Joyce Fienberg Professor of Statistics & Data Science at Carnegie Mellon University.
#machine learning #Reinforcement Learning #data science
February 3, 2021
Recently, AWS introduced the company’s chaos engineering as a service offering, AWS Fault Injection Simulator, built with the purpose of simplifying the process of running chaos experiments in the cloud. We asked Adrian Cockcroft, AWS VP of cloud architecture strategy about chaos engineering, what the challenges are that put people off adopting it, and how AWS’s new tool fits in the space.
#chaos engineering #aws #serverless
February 2, 2021
Java is currently one of the most used languages in the world with over 16% of developers world-wide using it on a current basis. Jorn Larsen sits down with Trisha Gee and Daniel Bryant to explore how the language is evolving, how it fits with the cloud ecosystem, and what are the important skills for being a good (Java) developer nowadays.
#java #programming language
January 27, 2021
Biotechnology startup Koniku is working on developing robots that could sniff out Covid-19 infections faster than conventional testing, as explained in this recent Bloomberg article. The technology fuses neurons with a silicon chip to create a “smell cyborg” capable of detecting a wide variety of scents, including explosives and pathogens.
January 26, 2021
Get a quick overview of what causes “negative stress” in a developer’s life and what skills can help you overcome it and get back to working with passion on a project. Mindfulness and psychological safety can play a crucial role as noted by John Le Drew and Markus Wittwer.
#Psychological Safety #mindfulness #Software Developer
January 21, 2021
“Developers don’t just like Kotlin, they LOVE it.” Understand why in this discussion with Venkat Subramaniam, author of “Programming Kotlin: Create Elegant, Expressive, and Performant JVM and Android Applications 1st Edition” and Hadi Hariri, VP of developer advocacy at JetBrains. They give you reasons to learn more about Kotlin, whether you like dynamic or functional languages, and why you should always be learning something new.
#kotlin #functional programming #jvm #java
January 20, 2021
Python was crowned programming language king of 2020. We asked frequent GOTO speaker and one of Ireland’s most experienced developers Eamonn Boyle why he thought Python was so loved by devs and what might attribute to its growing popularity.
#programming #programming languages #python
January 19, 2021
We're kicking off 2021 with a new interview series: GOTO Unscripted. This new series takes our conference speakers off the big stage and brings them behind the scenes for an intimate conversation on topics they know best. Dive into the first GOTO Unscripted interview on machine ethics, AI and humanity featuring Nell Watson, co-founder of QuantaCorp, and Priyanka Vergadia, developer advocate at Google.
#Software Ethics #machine learning
December 23, 2020
2020 has indeed been a different year. Many good things have happened, but the year has also shown that the world needs us more than ever. Software has a huge global impact and power and responsibility should go hand in hand, which unfortunately is not always the case. We've chatted with Martin Fowler, Richard Feldman, Mike Amundsen, Dave Thomas, Erik Schön, Saša Jurić, Casey Rosenthal, and Aino Vonge Corry about what was good in 2020 and how we can make 2021 better.
#software architecture #Software #chaos engineering #Pragmatic Programmer #elixir #elm
December 21, 2020
We’ve combed through all of these events along with the interviews, videos and tweets to gather the moments you loved most this year. Take a look back to enjoy them again and discover a few new ones, and join us for much more in the year to come
#retrospective #2020
December 17, 2020
This case study examines how GOTO helped design and deliver a unique and highly rated internal conference for investment management solutions provider SimCorp that brought new learnings, ideas and inspiration to their global engineering team.
#SoftwareEngineering #SimCorp
December 17, 2020
What should you do to secure your containers? Liz Rice, author of the book Container Security: Fundamental Technology Concepts that Protect Containerized Applications & VP of open source engineering at Aqua Security, and Eoin Woods, CTO at Endava, explore what containers are, what are the implications of a shared kernel and how to assess potential security risks that could affect your deployments. Learn best practices and understand how containers work in this Book Club interview.
#containers #cloud native #Cloud Computing #Container Security
December 9, 2020
We’re sure we can all agree that this year has been a rough one. That’s why, on December 15 at 11am central US time (6pm CET), we’re gathering our community for a GOTO Holiday Party to finish off the year on a high note.
#GOTO #party #holiday
December 8, 2020
After close to 1,400 videos and 3 million hours of watch time (that’s more than 300 years), we’ve hit 200,000 subscribers. To celebrate we’ve compiled a list of our subscribers’ most watched talks to dat and are running a competition for an an all-access pass to our 2021 conferences.
December 4, 2020
We’re kicking off 2021 on a high note, gathering our community for another one of our highly-rated GOTOpia conferences February 9-10. Get your pass for the lowest possible price during our 48-hour Flash Sale Dec. 7-9.
December 3, 2020
Discover the amazing world of Graph Databases and how you can leverage graphs to understand your data. Jim Webber, the co-author of GraphDatabase and Nicki Watt, CTO at OpenCredo, take you on a journey that starts with the definition of graphs, walks you through case studies and highlights pitfalls.
#Graph Databases #databases
November 27, 2020
We recently sat down for a short conversation with Phil Winder, multidisciplinary software engineer and data scientist, about his newly released book, Reinforcement Learning.
#data science #Reinforcement Learning #machine learning
November 23, 2020
Just over a week ago today we wrapped up another fantastic online conference surrounded by a community of 400+ developers, engineers and architects from Europe and beyond over two days of fascinating keynotes, in-depth technical sessions and Q&As, roundtables, networking sessions, trivia hours and even a bit of yoga — take a look at a few of our favorite moments from GOTOpia November.
#GOTOpia #conference
November 20, 2020
Hanna Prinz, a consultant at InnoQ, and Eberhard Wolff, fellow at InnoQ, the authors of Service Mesh Primer explain what a service mesh is and more importantly when and if you should use it. They also delve into the main features and reasons for deciding to use one.
#service mesh #Data Mesh #software architecture #monolith #microservices
November 12, 2020
Discover the voices behind the “97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know” in this GOTO Book Club episode with Trisha Gee, Java Champion and leader of the Java Developer Advocacy team at JetBrains, and Kevlin Henley, thought provoker at Curbralan. The'll highlight how to make the most out of the book and why it’s not intended as an exhaustive list or only targeted at Java developers.
#programming language #java #software development
November 5, 2020
Deep dive into some advanced OAuth 2.0 processes and pitfalls like redirect URLs and STATE property.
#oauth #Software Security
October 29, 2020
Casey Rosenthal and Nora Jones, authors of “Chaos Engineering,” highlight some of the best practices that famous companies like Netflix and Capital One use to break (or not break) their systems in productions, so that you can get a taste of it.
#SRE #Reliability Engineering #chaos engineering
October 29, 2020 recently shared details around the ongoing effort to create a next-generation protocol based on years of knowledge and experience with OAuth 2. Find out what this means and how you can get involved.
#Software Security #oauth
October 28, 2020
Need help convincing your boss to attend GOTOpia November 2020? October 28, 2020 We get it — your developer time is valuable, and so is the company budget needed to send you to a conference like GOTOpia November 2020. We also know that online conferences don’t tend to hold as much weight as traditional face-to-face conferences. But we’re here to change that.
#ConvinceYourBoss #GOTO #GOTOpia
October 22, 2020
Learn the secrets of building a secure web application by using OAuth 2.0. The framework has already become an industry standard. Aaron Parecki, author of the book "OAuth 2.0 Simplified,” guides you through some of the main reasons to use the framework and what it takes to build a secure web server.
#oauth #Software Security
October 19, 2020
HTTP-centric API design breaks everything when you introduce other implementations, so we asked API expert Mike Amundsen to help us work around the issue.
September 25, 2020
We recently wrapped up our second conference held fully online. Over 3 days surrounded by a group of 350+ developers, we learned a ton from 30+ of the brightest minds in tech in talks, Q&As and keynotes while genuinely connecting with one another throughout.
#GOTOpia #GOTO #conference
September 24, 2020
Is Elixir the right tool for your job? Find the answer to that question from Sasa Juric, the author of “Elixir in Action”.
#elixir #functional programming
September 10, 2020
Have you been tasked with creating a web APIs for your organization? Mike Amundsen, author of the book "Design and Build Great Web APIs,” goes through some of the secrets of building great APIs and what the best process and tools are for doing that.
#apis #Web APIs #software architecture
September 3, 2020
Upgrade your microservices knowledge by listening to a spirited conversation between two living legends: Sam Newman and Martin Fowler
#SoftwareArchitecture #monolith #microservices
September 1, 2020
If you take the time to invest in yourself with a pass to an online GOTO confernece, we’ll give you the tools to use it wisely. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your time with us online.
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August 27, 2020
Join the authors of “The Pragmatic Programmer” throughout their journey of writing the book to the 20th secondary edition. Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt share how the book has evolved and what has remained unchanged in the past two decades.
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August 17, 2020
We get it — your developer time is valuable, and so is the company budget needed to send you to a conference like GOTOpia Europe 2020. We also know that online conferences don’t tend to hold as much weight as traditional face-to-face conferences. But we’re here to change that.
#ConvinceYourBoss #conference #GOTOpia
July 3, 2020
Elm is a purely functional language that compiles to Javascript in less than 4 seconds. We sat down with Richard Feldman, author of the book "Elm in Action" to understand how learning to code in Elm can help software developers whether they work with it on a daily basis or not.
#programming #elm #functional programming #Software
June 15, 2020
In these challenging times, strategy is more important than ever. We sat down with Erik Schön, author of The Art of Strategy, to find out how we can leverage the learning of three main strategists to ensure success in a modern business setting
#Success #Strategy
June 1, 2020
Like so many events worldwide, GOTO Chicago — due to take place at the Navy Pier April 27-May 1 — had to change course two months before showtime. As conference organizers, we were faced...
#conference #GOTOpia #GOTO #OnlineConference
May 12, 2020
Over a week ago we held our first fully virtual conference surrounded by 500 developers over three conference days packed with keynotes, interactive presentations, AMAs, panels, networking happy hours and even a little bit of meditation and yoga, followed by two masterclass days led by a group...
#GOTOchgo #GOTO #conference
April 27, 2020
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we’ve made the decision to reschedule GOTO Amsterdam 2020 to December 7-10. As much as we hoped to keep the event on schedule, we’re taking this decision with the safety of our...
#GOTOams #conference #GOTO
April 15, 2020
Despite no one being in the office, our industry and our communities are still going strong, and our mission to connect developers with the best minds in tech remains the same. We’re thankful to...
#GOTO #conference #GOTOpia
February 18, 2020
We’re super happy to be celebrating our 10th year of running GOTO Amsterdam, and we know we wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of our community over the years! That’s why...
#StickerCompetition #GOTOams #GOTO
December 19, 2019
With 2019 soon behind us, we’ve pulled together our favorite bits from this past year. We had some fantastic moments to choose from after 3,500+ attendees, 200+ speakers, 30+ partners and 100+ CREW volunteers across...
#highlights #GOTO
November 27, 2019
GOTO Copenhagen 2019 was our biggest conference to date! With fantastic talks from our 80+ speakers presented to our audience of 1,745 attendees, there is so much we want to share with you.To avoid...
#conference #GOTOcph
November 15, 2019
With each conference we organize, we make the commitment to produce an event with integrity, respect for the environment and a commitment to positive social impact. We’re well aware of the unnecessary waste that...
#GOTOcph #SustainableEventOrganization #conference
October 30, 2019
GOTO Berlin 2019 was our biggest and best conference yet! We’re still processing all the new ideas we discovered and connections we made with our 973 attendees, 71 speakers, 18 partners and 19 CREW...
#GOTOber #conference
October 14, 2019
We’re thrilled to present Global Supertrends — an exclusive half-day track for C-level executives from both established and up-and-coming tech companies. This event will gather a group of the brightest minds in tech and...
#Supertrends #GOTOcph #SteveWozniak
October 1, 2019
With each conference GOTO organizes, we make the commitment to produce an event with integrity, respect for the environment and a commitment to positive social impact. We’re well aware of the unnecessary waste that...
#GOTOber #Sustainability
June 4, 2019
We’re thrilled to announce a VERY special addition to this year’s all-star line-up: Apple co-founder and Silicon Valley icon Steve ‘the Woz’ Wozniak will join GOTO Copenhagen 2019 as a keynote speaker. Steve Wozniak is an...
#GOTOcph #conference #SteveWozniak
April 25, 2019
Conferences can be big productions, and that means some unnecessary waste. We’re always working on minimizing our impact (like making sure our signage is reusable for future events), but this year, we’re taking it...
#Sustainability #GOTOchgo #conference
April 15, 2019
With GOTO Chicago around the corner, we’re so excited to introduce the winners of our Diversity Grant. The grant, sponsored by Bloomberg, was created to help cover up to $500 in travel and hotel...
#DiversityGrant #InclusivityGrant #GOTOchgo
March 13, 2019
Quantum computers are capable of breaking conventional security encryption in a matter of seconds. They have the potential for disrupting how we fundamentally store, process and utilize data and could provide significant breakthroughs in...
#QuantumComputing #security
March 8, 2019
At GOTO, we’re constantly celebrating the amazing women who empower us, and today, we want to recognize some of the truly inspiring women who have presented at GOTO Conferences over the years. We’ve been...
#Tech #women in tech #women #international womens day