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What We Learned in February

Are you up to date with the GOTO February releases? If not, we've got you covered with the latest Book Club episodes, podcast releases, Unscripted interviews and just released GOTO Copenhagen 2021 talks. You can also get a sneak peek at the speakers taking the stage at our upcoming conferences: GOTO Amsterdam, GOTO Aarhus and GOTO Copenhagen.

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Are you up to date with the GOTO February releases? If not, we've got you covered with the latest Book Club episodespodcast releasesUnscripted interviews and just released GOTO Copenhagen 2021 talks. You can also get a sneak peek at the speakers taking the stage at our upcoming conferences: GOTO Amsterdam, GOTO Aarhus and GOTO Copenhagen.

Unscripted expert talks

In February we released 3 GOTO Unscripted episodes recorded at the last GOTO Copenhagen, featuring agile, Elm, and DevOps and continuous delivery experts. 

New GOTO Book Club episodes

What better way to gain new perspectives about a book than from the authors themselves?

"Vaughn Vernon and Tomasz Jaskuła use their extensive experience with DDD to present a comprehensive guide to using the many different aspects of DDD for modern systems development and modernization. It will be a valuable guide for many technical leaders who need to understand how to use DDD to its full potential."  Eoin Woods, software architect and author

The latest podcast releases

Every Friday at 11:30am CET we release a new GOTO podcast episode across 20+ platforms. Tune in to get inspiration from your favorite practitioners, to bring in new technologies or gain extra evidence to support your software development plans.

GOTO x Dave Farley

Take a look at how pair programming supports the ability to create better software faster in continuous delivery and DevOps teams in February's episode, You Must Be Crazy To Do Pair Programming.

Coming soon

We have a packed year coming up, which means more dev content and learnings for you.

Meet us in Denmark for GOTO Aarhus in June and GOTO Copenhagen in October — tickets for GOTO Copenhagen will go live at the end of this month! 

We’re also getting ready for GOTO Amsterdam, taking place June 12-15. Join us in person or register for an online pass.