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A Glimpse at Virtual CodeNode

We’re now so excited to share a preview of our virtual conference venue, Virtual CodeNode with our entire community in a brand new video snapshot of the space.

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Step into our favorite virtual conference world…

Our partners at [CodeNode](http://www.codenode.live) have been working on Virtual CodeNode, a virtual conference world inspired by their real life tech venue based in London. Many of our GOTOpia attendees have seen the space evolve over the past year of online events as we’ve used this virtual venue to host competitions, scavenger hunts, video content and as a place to just catch up and chat with attendees, speakers and partners during conferences. 

We’re now so excited to share a preview of Virtual CodeNode with our entire community in this video snapshot of the space:

Once in Virtual CodeNode, attendees can jump in to build a personalized avatar and explore the space. 

As they roam both levels of the venue, they can access...

  • A mic they can enable to meet with other attendees and speakers
  • All live keynotes and breakout sessions 
  • Conference partner booths they can approach to chat live with partners and pick up swag
  • The Floppy Run, which involves running around the venue to gather as many floppy disc points as possible to snag a place on the leaderboard
  • A countdown to the next scavenger hunt where they’ll roam the venue to find hidden prizes 
  • A video room where they can watch talks from past GOTO events
  • The Book Club corner with our latest GOTO Book Club episodes and featured books
  • Cameras placed around the venue to take GOTOpia-branded selfies with fellow attendees 
  • A dev quote wall with a lever they can pull to see new quotes
  • And a few more surprises... 


And that’s just the start. We’ll keep using the space for our virtual and hybrid events moving forward, so you can see the space for yourself at an upcoming conference! 

Want to learn more about the venue or explore branding and using it for your own meeting, team building or meetup? Get in touch with our friends at CodeNode.