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With brand new GOTO content being released (almost) every day, it can be easy to miss some of the excellent talks, interviews and events we put out into the dev community. So we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Unscripted Interviews, GOTO Book Club episodes and blog posts for you to catch up on below.

Book Club Episode Highlights

Learn from language creators and the world’s leading experts in software development through key insights from their most recent books though episodes like:

Unscripted Interview Highlights

Earlier this year we kicked off our new interview series, GOTO Unscripted, which takes our conference speakers off the big stage and brings them behind the scenes for an intimate conversation on topics they know best.

Here are a collection of some of our favorite conversations recorded back when we could meet in person:

Latest Blog Posts

Dive into latest industry news, updates and best practices with our recent posts:

  • Software 2.0 and AI as an engineering Discipline
    We break down Stanford associate professor of computer science Chris Re’s recent talk on “Software 2.0” and “AI as an engineering discipline” and bring SVP of Unity Technologies Danny Lange into the conversation.
  • JDK 16: Should You Upgrade or Wait For 17?
    JDK 16, released this month, has a considerable amount of new features included, but should you move over to 16? Or should you wait for the next long-term support release with JDK 17? We asked Java Champion Trisha Gee.

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