A Look Back at GOTOpia November 2020

GOTOpia November 2020 banner

A week ago today we wrapped up another fantastic online conference surrounded by a community of 400+ developers, engineers and architects from Europe and beyond over two days of fascinating keynotes, in-depth technical sessions and Q&As, roundtables, networking sessions, trivia hours and even a bit of yoga.

If you didn’t catch this one, stay tuned for more online and in-person conferences throughout 2021. Until then, take a look at a few of our favorite moments from GOTOpia November.

Keynote Highlights

Apps, Algorithms and Abstractions

Dylan Beatie took a dive through history and how we went from discovering radio waves to sending cat pictures anywhere in the world with little to no thought, ultimately making us realize that we don’t always know the ins and outs of the tech we develop, and that, as developers, we can do amazing things by gluing stuff we don’t understand.

Dylan Beatie

Futurology for Dummies – Next 30 Years in Tech

Based off his 30 years in tech, Mark Rendle took an educated guess on where the tech industry will be in the next 30 years. Following fascinating possibilities with 3D printing and virtual reality, he concluded that IoT will expand and dominate the tech scene, and that by 2030, 20% of global energy will be used by ICT.

Mark Rendle

Development in 100 Years’ Time

Dave Farley explored what sort of ideas will be as true of software engineering in 100 years as they are today and suggested that continuous delivery may be the best starting point we have for that, since software development is about learning and about managing complexity.

Dave Farley

Our Favorite Quotes

“Hire smart people and get out of their way.”
Adrian Cockcroft (via Daniel Terhorst-North)

“Successful systems often end up with the worst architecture.”
Stefan Tilkov

“When you see a bike you have to experiment how to ride it. You can’t just look at it and learn.”
Phil Winder

image featured in The Future of Sustainable Transportation keynote by Anita Sengupta

Featured in “The Future of Sustainable Transportation” keynote by
Anita Sengupta

Our Favorite Tweets


Our Virtual Venue, CodeNode

We once again invited attendees to explore our virtual conference space inspired by CodeNode, our real life venue based in London. With plenty of new features, attendees were able to listen to music, watch talks, catch up on GOTO Book Club episodes, chat with each other, take selfies and plenty more.


Straight From Our Attendees

Here’s what our attendees thought of the whole thing…

“A great example of a virtual conference that actually felt like a conference, with interaction with real people – not just a bunch of webinars to watch. Kudos to the GOTOcon team.”
Robin Moffatt

“Without leaving your house you can tap into and discuss tech with the best tech minds in the world.”
Chris Watts

“Great talks about everything from code and tech to how to make teams work.”
Laus Brandt

“The combination of topics, sessions and speakers is really great! It is the essence of GOTO in an online format!”
Michael Repplinger

“As far as online is concerned this was the best I’ve seen this year (I’ve been to a few). Well run, interesting, engaging, personal.”
John Reid

Thousands More Talks on YouTube

Most talks were recorded, and our team is already working on editing them for our YouTube channel. You have more than a thousand videos from previous conferences to keep you occupied while you wait. Our YouTube community of nearly 200,000 subscribers is growing every day, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

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