Highlights from GOTO Berlin 2019

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GOTO Berlin 2019 was our biggest and best conference yet! We’re still processing all the new ideas we discovered and connections we made with our 973 attendees, 71 speakers, 18 partners and 19 CREW members, and we hope you’ll join us to do it all again in 2020.

Until then, here are the quotes, tweets, videos and pictures that stood out throughout the week. 

Favorite Quotes

Woody Zuill

“No one would look at an operating theater and say, "couldn't that surgery be done by just one person?" because we know working as a team gives best results.”

– Woody Zuill, Senior Consultant, Agile Expertise and Coaching

Pierluigi Collina

“The important thing isn’t the decision itself but the reason behind why that decision was made”

– Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee, Champion of Good Causes, Author

Linda liukas

"While computers are magical, they’re not made of magic; they are filled with logic. This is an important thing we need to teach our kids"

– Linda liukas, Author and Co-Founder of Rails Girls

Favorite Tweets


Top Talks on GOTO Play

We’ve already added a few attendee favorites on the GOTO Play app, available for iOS or Android. Download it now to watch these along with most talks from all GOTO Conferences. You can even download these for offline viewing.

Talks added from GOTO Berlin 2019 include:

  • Building Secure React Applications with Philippe de Ryck 
  • 3 Common Pitfalls in Microservice Integration and How to Avoid Them with Bernd Rücker
  • Making Greener Choices: Connecting People to Their Impact on Climate Through Technology with Jessica Greene
  • Building a Self-driving RC Car with Bert Jan Schrijver
  • What Engineering Managers Should Do (and Why We Don’t) with Lena Reinhard
  • HTTP Headers for the Responsible Developer with Stefan Judis
  • Mob Programming and the Power of Flow with Woody Zuill

Download the app on iOS or Android.

1,100+ More Talks on YouTube

Most talks were recorded, and our team is already working on editing them for our YouTube channel. While you wait, you have more than a thousand videos from past conferences to keep you busy. Our YouTube community of 134,000 subscribers and 10.3 million views is growing daily, and we'd love for you to be a part of it.

GOTO YouTube channel

What the Attendees Are Saying

Spending a few days in the incredibly intellectually varied and rich environment at GOTO Berlin has been utterly refreshing. It has rekindled my enthusiasm for everything to do with software and computing.” – Mark

In the ideal circumstances of working in an organisation with enough available self-development budget, I would with no doubt spend it all for GOTO Berlin, every year. It is really something else, and worth it. What a splendid event.” – Tamara

It's the best organised conference I've ever been to. The speakers are also exceptional people in their fields with well thought talks.” – Thiago

“Great atmosphere; a very inclusive, welcoming and familiar feeling from the start. Down to earth personnel. Everyone is welcome to come and be themselves without faking it.” - Timothy

Don't Miss Out Next Year!

Dates for GOTO Berlin 2020 have been announced — we’ll be back October 26-30, 2020. Mark your calendars!

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