Our First Conference Post-Lockdown, Latest Videos and Articles + Lots More!

Updated on July 5, 2021
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We've had an exciting few weeks at GOTO, including hosting our first in-person conference since the lockdown started, new episodes of GOTO Book Club, GOTO Unscripted and our podcast, and a few not-to-be missed blog posts.

Today, Tomorrow and the Future

We’ve had an exciting few weeks at GOTO, including hosting our first in-person conference since the lockdown started, new episodes of GOTO Book ClubGOTO Unscripted and our podcast, and a few not-to-be missed blog posts. Scroll down to catch our latest conference updates, plus highlights of our new content.

One small step for ‘conference-kind,’ one big step for GOTO

GOTO Aarhus was fantastic!

After a year and a half, our first in person conference got under way with 250 developers gathering at the Aarhus Marina over the course of three exciting days.

Check out our favorite bits from GOTO Aarhus in a recent blog post all about it.

GOTO Copenhagen

Up next: GOTO Copenhagen this November

Don’t miss our second in-person conference, which also takes place in Denmark, later this year. GOTO Copenhagen will kick off as glögg season approaches, featuring more captivating talks and hands-on sessions from industry leaders.

Keep an eye on the conference schedule for new speaker additions.

GOTO Amsterdam

Close off the year with GOTO Amsterdam 

GOTO Amsterdam 2021, our final conference of the year, will take our community to the heart of the city December 6-9. End 2021 on a high surrounded by visionary dev minds, innovators and internationally recognized software experts.

Learn from dev experts on the GOTO Podcast

Listen to the brightest and boldest ideas from language creators and the world’s leading experts in software development in the form of GOTO podcasts. Tune in to get the inspiration you need to bring in new technologies or gain extra evidence to support your software development plan.

Latest GOTO Book Club episodes

Learn from creators and innovators as we sit down with them to talk through books they’ve written, diving into their most powerful takeaways to help you face your next challenge though recent episodes like:

Latest Unscripted interviews

The GOTO Unscripted interview series takes our conference speakers off the big stage and brings them behind the scenes for an intimate conversation on topics they know best.

Here are some of our latest released conversations:

Latest blog posts

Dive into latest industry news, updates and best practices with our recent posts: 

How to Keep Your Cloud-Native Apps Secure
An increasing number of organizations are adopting cloud-native apps, and new research reveals that along with that adoption, 60 percent of organizations have increased security concerns. We got together with Jorg Muller, principal consultant at INNOQ, to hear his tips on how to help with the security and operational challenges companies often face when adopting cloud-native apps.

How To Run a Successful Asynchronous Team
Asynchronous dev teams perform best. We’ve all heard this statement at some point, but what does “asynchronous team” actually mean, and what does it take to run one successfully? We asked Brendan O’Leary, senior developer evangelist at GitLab, what his thoughts were.

How a Machine Learning Project Can Go Wrong
Many things can go wrong in a machine learning project. We had a chat with Phil Winder, data scientist and founder of Winder Research, to dive into what he believes to be the cause of failure in machine learning projects, and whether there’s anything you can do to prevent failing in your own machine learning projects.