Happy International Women’s Day!

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Katharina Fey

At GOTO, we’re constantly celebrating the amazing women who empower us, and today, we want to recognize some of the truly inspiring women who have presented at GOTO Conferences over the years. We’ve been fortunate to have some of the most brilliant women in their fields grace our stages, like Sophie Wilson, creator of the first Acorn microprocessor, Linda Liukas, the author and founder of Rails Girls, and so many other exceptional creators, developers, founders, authors and scientists.

Dive into this YouTube playlist showcasing 35+ talks by women at GOTO Conferences, starting with a video featuring software engineer Katharina Fey:

Great women at GOTO aren’t just a thing of the past...

We pride ourselves on an even gender balance at our conferences, which means you can expect around 100 women among our lineups packed with outstanding speakers. A few highlights…

GOTO Chicago, April 28 - May 2:

  • Jessica Pointing, award-winning quantum computing researcher
  • Naomi Ceder, chair of the Python Software Foundation
  • Bridget Kromhout, co-host of Arrested DevOps podcast & Principal Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Check out the GOTO Chicago schedule here for the full list of speakers.

GOTO Amsterdam, June 17 - June 20:

  • Anita Sengupta, rocket scientist responsible for the Mars rover landing
  • Nell Watson, founder of QuantaCorp
  • Emily Gorcenski, data scientist and technologist working in Python development with experience in scientific computing and engineering research and development

Check out the GOTO Amsterdam schedule here or the full list of speakers.

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