Make the Most out of Being at Home

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Despite no one being in the office, our industry and our communities are still going strong, and our mission to connect developers with the best minds in tech remains the same. We’re thankful to be able to continue counting on our extensive network of expert practitioners to cover every topic in tech you can think of.

Start by digging into our YouTube channel, home to thousands of highly-rated dev talks, with new videos added (almost) daily. You can also catch plenty of live learning experiences by joining countless online Q&A sessions and meetups taking place each week. 

Check out how to get the most out of life from home below.

Daily Online Sessions and Meetups

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While we miss being with our community in person, we’re now holding more events than ever with our lineup of experts across all our conferences. No matter where you are in the world, you can tune in to each and every public GOTO event taking place in Chicago, Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen from the comfort of your home.

Attendees can expect casual and intimate atmospheres through a variety of session formats and topics, giving folks a chance to genuinely participate and make connections with each other. These Zoom events are open to everyone — all you need is the link to join us.

Some upcoming events include:

Code with the Experts in a Masterclass

Life outside may be on pause — but the internet is still up and running. We’ve worked with a group of our world-renowned speakers to create hands-on, interactive online masterclasses that ensure maximum attention and engagement. A higher quality training session is hard to find.

Each class is available to our GOTO community across the globe. Some have specific dates, while others are flexible and will be set up when the class has a minimum number of attendees.

Check out the full list of masterclasses available here.

Join 150K+ Developers on our YouTube Channel

We now have more than 150,000 subscribers on our GOTO Conferences YouTube channel. We couldn’t be happier with this growing community of devs and tech enthusiasts and want to say a massive thank you to each of you who have tuned in to any of our 1.2k talks!

Knowledge is power, and in times like these, it’s important to stay inspired and open to learning — don’t miss out on new talks from the brightest minds in tech by subscribing to the community.

Top videos uploaded this month:

  1. Good Enough Architecture with Stefan Tilkov
  2. You Don’t Need All That JavaScript, I Promise with Stuart Langridge
  3. Database Unbundled: Commit Logs in the Age of Microservices with Tim Berglund

We've also just released a 6-minute summary of one of our most popular talks

Artificial General Intelligence with Danny Lange

GOTO YouTube channel

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