From Sci-Fi to Reality, Quantum Computers Are Coming!

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quantum computing

Quantum computers are capable of breaking conventional security encryption in a matter of seconds. They have the potential for disrupting how we fundamentally store, process and utilize data and could provide significant breakthroughs in the optimization of complex systems and artificial intelligence.

Universities around the world are investing heavily in quantum computer research and companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft and Rigetti Computing are making it possible for the rest of us to actually leverage quantum processors in the cloud.

At GOTO Chicago 2019 (April 28 — May 2), we’ll take a look at quantum computing and how we, as developers, can get started with quantum programming. We’ll look into what kind of problems quantum computers will actually solve (and create) with talks like:

Check out the full schedule and register for your ticket by March 27 to save $200 on your pass.

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