Celebrating International Women’s Day!

Jessica Pointing

Over the years we’ve had some truly inspirational women in tech speak on GOTO stages across the globe. We’ve been fortunate enough to have women like Anita Sengupta talk about flying cars and humans on Mars, Hannah Fry dive into being human in the age of machines, Jessica Pointing introduce us to the exciting world of quantum computing and Nora Jones give us insights on chaos engineering, just to name a few!

And this past year has been no different. Despite the lack of a physical stage, we’ve not stopped gathering some of the brightest minds to share their invaluable insights with us. On International Women’s Day, we want to take the opportunity to recognize three of our favorite talks from women who have presented at GOTO Conferences within the last year:

GOTO Chicago 2020 – Gwen Shapira
Beyond Microservices: Streams, State and Scalability

“Very informative with clear illustrations. Probably the best content I have seen so far on Microservices, covering the latest trends and direction in the field."

GOTOpia Europe 2020 – Catherine Swetel
The Development Metrics You Should Use (But Don’t)

“This really surprised me. Where were you when I was trying to figure this stuff out.”

GOTO Chicago 2020 – Denise Yu
Why Are Distributed Systems so Hard?

Excellent talk! This is the clearest anyone has ever explained Distributed Systems to me.”

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