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GOTO Copenhagen 2019’s Best Bits

GOTO Copenhagen 2019 was our biggest conference to date! With fantastic talks from our 80+ speakers presented to our audience of 1,745 attendees, there is so much we want to share with you.To avoid...

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GOTO Copenhagen 2019 was our biggest conference to date! With fantastic talks from our 80+ speakers presented to our audience of 1,745 attendees, there is so much we want to share with you.

To avoid bombarding you with information overload, we’ve limited ourselves to gathering just a few of our favorite parts from this year’s conference — check out our favorite tweets, quotes, videos and pictures below:

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak shared his story on the early days of Apple and his love for technology. He shared his thoughts on AI, saying “AI is the state of the art of computers, but calling it intelligence bothers me,” and compared the current state of quantum computing to the early days of the Wright brothers.

Rewarded by Swedish royalty for creating Curl, Daniel Steinberg shared his unique perspective on where the future of HTTP is headed. You can already find his talk on the GOTO Play app (download for iOS here or Android here).

Hannah Fry presenation

Thanks to BBC documentary presenter Hannah Fry, we found out that if you had to go against an AI to prove you were human in a Turing test, and you could only choose one word to prove your humanity, your best chance of coming out on top would be with the word “POOP.”

“You can code on a quantum computer today through the cloud, all you need is knowledge on quantum physics.” (It’s not that simple, Jessica!) Quantum computing expert Jessica Pointing showcased the recent advancements in quantum computing and how far we still have to go until we can run Shor's algorithm and create chaos by breaking current encryption methods.

We had a killer party with tons of retro arcade games and Press Press Play on Tape rocking the stage with classic video game tunes from the 80s and 90s.

Press Press Play on Tape

Favourite Quotes

“Disasters happen when decisions are made by leaders who cannot remember what the consequences were last time.”
Stephen Carver, lecturer, consultant & speaker at Cranfield University School of Management

“Attention is the only currency we have — starve your enemies to death.”
Chris Atherton, designer and former neuroscientist

"Why be normal?”
Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple

Favorite Tweets


Top Talks on GOTO Play

We’ve already added a few attendee favorites on the GOTO Play app, available for iOS or Android. Download it now to watch these along with most talks from all GOTO Conferences. You can even download these for offline viewing.

Talks added from GOTO Copenhagen 2019 include:

  • Reactive Systems with Dave Farley
  • HTTP/3 is Next Generation #HTTP. Is it QUIC Enough? with Daniel Stenberg
  • Conversational #AI Demystified with Priyanka Vergadia
  • Design For The Utopia You Want, Not The Dystopia You're In with Chris Atherton
  • What’s New in Swift with Daniel H. Steinberg
  • Prioritizing Technical Debt as if Time and Money Matters with Adam Tornhill
  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Metrics with Roy Osherove

Thousands of Talks on YouTube

Once the talks we recorded are edited, we'll upload them to our YouTube channel. In the meantime, we have thousands of videos from past conferences that you might want to check out. Join our community of 137,000 subscribers.

GOTO YouTube channel

What the Attendees Are Saying

Here are a few quotes straight from the feedback survey we sent this year’s attendees:

For me, GOTO Copenhagen was like a box of chocolates. I had no idea what to expect before opening the box, and once I did every little piece made me both happy and pleased.” - Claes

GOTO Copenhagen is an inspiring and varied conference, attracting both the famous, the outstanding and the curious.” - Øyvin

Finally a conference where I really feel smarter after attending!” - Anders

GOTO Copenhagen is a great 360 conference, with room for both overview sessions as well as deep dives into specific technical subjects. I highly recommend it to everyone working in development, no matter your role.” - Kristjan

We’d Love to See You Next Year!

We’ll announce dates for GOTO Copenhagen 2020 shortly — keep a close eye on your inbox and on our GOTO Copenhagen Twitter account to be the first to know when we do!