A Few Highlights From 2019

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With 2019 soon behind us, we’ve pulled together our favorite bits from this past year. We had some fantastic moments to choose from after 3,500+ attendees, 200+ speakers, 30+ partners and 100+ CREW volunteers across 4 conferences and a few dozen community GOTO Nights.

Our favorite quotes from 2019

Dr. Anita Sengupta

“The engineer makes sci-fi a reality. We can build the future we imagine.” 
Dr. Anita Sengupta, rocket scientist and professor of Astronautics and Space Technology at USC

Woody Zuill

“No one would look at an operating theater and say, 'couldn't that surgery be done by just one person?' because we know working as a team gives best results.”
Woody Zuill, senior consultant, agile expert and coach

Hannah Fry

“If you had to go against an AI to prove you were human in a Turing test, and you could only choose one word to prove your humanity, your best chance of coming out on top would be with the word POOP."
Hannah Fry, mathematician and BBC documentary presenter

Our favourite tweets from all of you!

Top videos added to our YouTube channel this year

We have 1,200+ videos from past conferences to keep you busy while you wait for the next conference to come around. Our YouTube community of 140,000+ subscribers and 10.6 million views is growing daily, and we'd love for you to be a part of it.

A few favorites:

GOTO YouTube channel

Download your favorite talks for free on GOTO Play

Check out top talks from GOTO Conferences before they’re posted on our YouTube channel — download the GOTO Play app on iOS or Android to get access to watch most talks from all GOTO Conferences that you can even download for offline viewing.

Next up: Oslo, Chicago and Amsterdam

GOTO Oslo:
We've partnered with DFDS to organize GOTO Oslo: a roundtrip cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo March 3-5. Attendees will join a group of tech pioneers and game-changing coders to dive into core technical concepts in talks and masterclasses. Get your ticket by the end of 2019 for 50% off these limited passes.

GOTO Chicago:
Back April 27-May 1, 2020 for 5 days of keynotes, sessions and masterclasses from some of the best in the biz. The 2020 program theme: Our Digital Tomorrow. We’ll explore what quality code looks like in 2020 and beyond.

GOTO Amsterdam:
We're celebrating GOTO Amsterdam’s 10th birthday June 8-11, 2020, and we've invited a lineup of explorers, pioneers and trendsetters to join us. Our 2020 program is taking things back to basics: good old plain programming.

GOTO Nights: Join a free meetup near you!

We’ve had 40+ free GOTO Nights across the globe this year, and we already have three meetups scheduled to kick off next year with many more in the planning stages.

Come meet us in person and learn from the best in an intimate setting at our community events, including:

Copenhagen, Jan. 13, 2020:
A Taste of 4 Scaling Agile Frameworks Used in Denmark with Majken Vildrik Thougaard

Copenhagen, Jan. 15, 2020:
Retrospective Anti-Patterns with Anio Vonge Corry

Copenhagen, Feb. 5, 2020:
Should you be using an Event-Driven Architecture? with Jeppe Cramon

Keep up to date with GOTO Nights near you

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