Are You Ready for YOW! in Australia?

YOW! is excited to announce another series of events offering in-depth coverage of current and emerging practices and technologies to software professionals Down Under in 2023. 

Our events will be a chance to network with fellow developers and learn from the community. Read on about what is in store for the year:

What's coming up…

  • YOW! ​​Tech Leaders Summit - Melbourne (Sept.7) | Sydney (Sept.8) - Tech Leaders Summit is a one day event about open dialogue and sharing successes and challenges with peers. It’s packed with insightful talks containing the latest tricks, hacks, and shortcuts that companies use to successfully build and run engineering teams.

  • YOW! Perth (Sept. 11-12) - YOW! Perth is a two-day conference devoted to providing Western Australian software developers with thought-provoking and innovative invited talks.

  • YOW! Developer Conference - Melbourne (Nov.30-Dec.1) | Brisbane (Dec.4-5) | Sydney (Dec.7-8) - Our signature conferences bring over thirty five world experts to Australia for three two-day conferences.

A sneak peek into what it might be like

Interested in partnering with YOW! 2023?

Whether you would like to showcase your brand, provide your staff with  practical help to overcome specific development challenges, position your organisation as an employer of choice, or establish your products and services within the community, we have a range of Sponsorship opportunities available. 

If you choose a package that includes exhibiting, you’ll have opportunities for relaxed, face-to-face interactions and conversations with potential employees, customers, and suppliers.
We offer various levels of sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored to your company's needs. Please reach out to Sabine Wolf, to discuss further.

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