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GOTO and AWS Partner Up for the Second GOTO EDA Day in Nashville

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About the experts

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson ( expert )

Principal Developer Advocate at AWS

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Brought to you by GOTO, AWS and partners, this day-long conference will give you the opportunity to learn about building event-driven architectures from the brightest minds in software development. Event-driven architectures allow you to build highly scalable, fault tolerant, and extensible applications. Join us in Nashville on Oct. 26 for  talks, panel discussions and Hands-On-Labs.

In the meantime, Eric Johnson, principal developer advocate at AWS Serverless told us why you should be attending the event.

Q: Can you tell me what EDA Day is about?

EDA Day is focused on Event-Driven Architecture (EDA), which is a method of building applications using loosely coupled microservices that communicate through events. It promotes the idea of decoupling systems and reacting to events rather than directly calling each other. EDA Day aims to bring together experts and practitioners to discuss and showcase the benefits and applications of EDA in building scalable and robust systems.

Q: Why do you think attendees should come to this event? What are they going to get out of it?

Attendees will gain valuable insights into event-driven architecture and its practical implementation. The event features renowned experts who will share their experiences and success stories of using EDA to build robust systems. By attending, participants will learn about the right tools and techniques to apply EDA at any level of development. They will have the opportunity to engage with specialists, receive one-on-one guidance, and establish valuable connections within the EDA community. The event promises a deep learning experience, equipping attendees with knowledge, tools, and contacts to enhance their development practices.

Q: What are the challenges that EDA helps developers solve or why should they use EDA?

Event-Driven Architecture addresses several challenges faced by developers. Firstly, it helps developers tackle outages, downtime, and code problems by decoupling systems and reducing the blast radius. When one system fails, others can continue running independently, ensuring minimal disruption and data loss. EDA also provides solutions for building and managing large distributed systems by facilitating event communication across domains and orchestrating processes. Additionally, EDA offers cost benefits by enabling developers to pay only for the actual usage of services, eliminating the need for idle machines. Overall, EDA provides a framework for building scalable, resilient, and cost-effective applications.

Q: How important is EDA for AWS?

EDA holds significant importance for AWS, both internally and for their customers. AWS leverages EDA to build its own systems, making use of event-driven services such as AWS Lambda. By adopting EDA principles, AWS has achieved efficient and scalable infrastructure, allowing them to handle vast amounts of compute with reduced costs. Furthermore, AWS supports and promotes the adoption of EDA among its customers, providing managed services and tools that simplify the implementation of event-driven architectures. EDA aligns with AWS's focus on serverless and managed services, offering developers the ability to scale, reduce costs, and improve overall system resilience.

Q: Why did AWS partner with GOTO to organize EDA Day?

The partnership between AWS and GOTO for organizing EDA Day is driven by the alignment of their goals and the shared focus on developers. AWS recognizes GOTO's expertise in organizing conferences specifically catering to developers, ensuring a targeted audience for EDA Day. The collaboration allows AWS to reach developers directly and educate them about their services, rather than pursuing traditional marketing and sales approaches. AWS views GOTO as a platform that enables them to teach and provide valuable information to developers, helping them understand and utilize AWS technologies effectively.

Q: Can you tell us about the experience of EDA Day last year in London and why it's being held again in the US this time?

The inaugural EDA Day held in London last year was a resounding success. It received an overwhelming response with sold-out tickets and positive feedback from attendees. Many participants expressed interest in bringing their teams to future events. The conference featured experts who shared their knowledge, and attendees had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions. Based on the success and feedback from the first EDA Day, AWS decided to organize the event again, this time in the United States. The intimate setting and focused discussions at EDA Day were well-received, allowing attendees to have.

Q: What can attendees look forward to at this upcoming GOTO EDA Day?

Attendees can look forward to an action-packed day filled with engaging sessions, thought-provoking discussions, and practical workshops. The event will feature renowned industry experts who will dive deep into various aspects of event-driven architecture, sharing their insights, best practices, and success stories. Attendees can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of EDA, including its benefits, implementation strategies, and real-world applications. They will have ample opportunities to network with like-minded professionals, connect with industry leaders, and foster collaborations that can have a lasting impact on their careers. EDA Day promises to be an immersive and unforgettable experience that will leave attendees inspired, informed, and equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in event-driven architecture.

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