What We Learned in 2020

Updated on December 21, 2020

We’ve combed through all of these events along with the interviews, videos and tweets to gather the moments you loved most this year. Take a look back to enjoy them again and discover a few new ones, and join us for much more in the year to come

With 2020 coming to an end, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the time we spent with you over the year and the things we learned along the way. We know: it’s been a bumpy one for most of us. Yet despite the unexpected challenges, we’ve been fortunate to share so many moments of community, leadership, laughter and connection with you all.

The biggest shift for us at GOTO was moving fully online from March onwards, and this could not have happened as successfully as it has without your steady support and never-ending commitment to keeping up with your learning and development. With 3 highly rated multi-day conferences and more than 75 meetups held fully online, we’ve got some proof to back that up. 

Rediscover a few of your favorite talks, interviews and quotes from 2020, and join us for much more in the year to come

Your favorite Book Club episodes

There’s no better place to start than our Book Club series, where leading authors interview each other on the hottest new dev books. You made it clear that this was a favorite, bringing in close to 1.5 million views over season 1

You watched experts like Andy Hunt, Dave Thomas, Trisha Gee and so many more living legends share unique insights into their newly released books with us. 

We’ve dropped some some of the episodes you enjoyed the most below: