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Uncover the Secrets of GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO AI Days Chicago with Trifork CEO, Jørn Larsen

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In an exclusive interview, we sat down with Jørn Larsen, CEO of Trifork, to discuss the main reasons why developers and engineers should consider attending GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO AI Days Chicago. These two exceptional conferences are set to take place in October and promise to offer unique experiences that set them apart from other tech events.

Q1: Jørn, can you tell us a bit about GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO AI Days Chicago? What makes these conferences special?

Jørn: GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO AI Days Chicago are two flagship tech conferences where the most well-known tech aficionados are present. These events have earned a stellar reputation for their content quality and the unique experience they offer attendees. Both these events are technical festivals designed for software engineers with a hunger for innovation, technical prowess, and meaningful connections in the tech world.

Q2: What are the main reasons developers and engineers should consider attending these conferences?

Jørn: I have seen these conferences for over two decades. 

GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO AI Days Chicago consistently feature thought leaders, industry experts and visionaries who are at the forefront of technological innovation.

These conferences attract a diverse audience of developers, engineers, architects, and tech enthusiasts from around the world. It's an excellent opportunity to expand your professional network, exchange ideas, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO AI Days Chicago feature multiple tracks with advanced technical content. Dive into subjects like microservices architecture, cloud-native development, container orchestration (think Kubernetes), the latest AI and machine learning breakthroughs, software development, DevOps, cybersecurity and more. We cater to all tech enthusiasts, from junior developers to seasoned architects. For instance, I for one am really looking forward to Erik Meijer’s talk about the various ways AI has been applied at Meta, such as code search, code recommendations and bug fixing in the context of large language models. Another interesting one will be Daniel-Terhorst North about why SOLID, Scrum, and other antiquities are no longer relevant. 

The hands-on masterclasses, led by industry experts, are not for the faint of heart. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and explore topics like building scalable microservices, agile ways of working, deploying AI models in production, and optimizing containerized applications for performance and security. Walk away with practical skills you can put to work immediately.

Keynote speakers at these conferences are chosen for their ability to inspire and challenge conventional thinking. Their talks provide valuable insights and motivate attendees to think creatively and critically. Whether it’s Dr Imran Rashid talking about navigating the intersection of technology and humanity, Andy Greenberg revealing an astonishing saga of criminal empires built and destroyed or Christina Boutrup unveiling the China factor in digital technologies, there’s no doubt that you will be spellbound. 

Q3: How do these conferences differ from other tech events?

Jørn: These conferences are engineered for those who crave technical depth and innovation. What sets GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO AI Days Chicago apart are our relentless focus on content quality, innovation, and the attendee experience.

GOTO is known to meticulously curate the conference content to ensure that every session and workshop is relevant, informative, and thought-provoking. It’s quality over quantity.

The conferences emphasize interactivity and a strong sense of community. You'll have ample opportunities to engage with speakers, ask questions, and participate in discussions, making the learning experience more dynamic and engaging.

Another benefit is meeting people from around the world. The conferences continue to attract a broad audience, regardless of background, gender, or expertise level. We even have an inclusivity grant for GOTO AI Days Chicago to encourage people from underrepresented communities to take part in these events. We believe this diversity of perspectives enriches the learning experience and promotes cross-cultural collaboration.

Q4. What level of software expertise can audiences expect from the speakers? 

Jørn: The range of sessions caters to software engineers with varied interests and expertise levels. Whether you're passionate about neural networks, DevOps, or blockchain, you'll find content that speaks to your technical soul.

Our speakers are tech visionaries, technical pioneers and practitioners who live and breathe the subjects they present. Prepare to be inspired and challenged by deep technical talks that explore the nuances of complex topics.

GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO AI Days Chicago are not just tech conferences; they are immersive experiences designed to empower and inspire developers and engineers. If you're looking to stay at the forefront of tech innovation and connect with a vibrant community of professionals, these events are not to be missed. Join us in October for an unforgettable experience that will fuel your passion for technology and innovation.