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2022's Most Memorable Moments at GOTO

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This has been quite a year and much has been going on at GOTO. It’s been a true privilege to harness innovation, expertise and global reach in a way that can meaningfully impact the software industry. We kicked things off with multiple in-person GOTO Nights, we saw thousands of software enthusiasts cut their teeth at our annual conferences this year - GOTO Aarhus, GOTO Amsterdam, GOTO Copenhagen and YOW! London. Not to forget the GOTO EDA Day in collaboration with AWS in London, at CodeNode. Our successes are testament to the skill, commitment and professionalism of the speakers and to the valued partnerships. 

GOTO Aarhus started with two days of masterclasses with a slew of impactful and hands-on sessions led by pioneers such as Simon Brown, Hannes Lowette and Jens Østergaard among others. It was followed by a full-house two-day conference with Turing Award winner Alan Kay as keynote speaker.  

2022 also marked the 10th anniversary of GOTO Amsterdam which witnessed speakers like Kevlin Henney speaking about what developers can learn from failure and Sander Hoogendoorn who revealed his personal journey through platforms, languages, principles, doubts and struggles.

GOTO Copenhagen was all about security and ethical hacking, with speakers such as Troy Hunt, Ben Sadeghipour and Gumm0… And not to spoil too much, but we are ready to welcome you at a new venue in 2023!

The culmination of all of our activities this year was our inaugural YOW! London conference. It was an extraordinary two-day event, attended by more than 250 people from all over the world passionately committed to working in the software spaces. Highlights included Jessica Kerr’s powerful opening keynote, Dave Farley’s keynote on the second day, an incredible presentation by our partners and panel discussions ranging from the power of AI to complexity in software engineering.

Before diving in...

As the calendar winds down, it's only fitting to take a good look at all the innovations offered by 2022. Before we reveal your favorite GOTO content from this year, why not hear from tech experts themselves about the most exciting thing in tech they learned and what could potentially disrupt the software industry in the coming years?

Here’s our Holiday Special 🎄 featuring Hannes LowetteSaleem SiddiquiHolly Cummins and Luca Mezzalira.

Top videos

1. DevOps & Software Architecture • Simon Brown, Dave Farley & Hannes Lowette

One of the bigger trends in software has been around how software architecture fits into the modern agile ways we work, especially diagramming. The question all developers and engineers face is ‘What does it take to build better software?’ 

Debunking the myths around it, Simon Brown, Dave Farley and Hannes Lowette talk about ways to make coding less hampering, how the industry has evolved and what changes are to come in the next few years. Irrespective of the language you work with or if you work with agile, this video breaks down the ways of how to manage complexity in software.

Transcript here.

2. Functional Programming Through the Lens of a Philosopher & Linguist • Anjana Vakil

Developers rightly fear the unintended complexity that infects most code. When delving into software development and the practice of creating complex programs that can be maintained over time, it is imperative to change the way we all understand code. And trying to make code that's easier to grasp, given a particular mental model of how things are working. 

Anjana Vakil from Observable talked about the benefits of programming in a functional way and how you can break up your code into actions, calculations, and data for more efficiency. In short, systems that are less complex and easier to reason about are more robust and endure longer. Not only are they are easier to test, validate and maintain but can smoothly evolve as user and business needs change.

Transcript here

3. Craftsmanship: Code, Guitars & Tech • Dylan Beattie, Hannes Lowette & Kevlin Henney

According to Dylan Beatie there are more musicians in a software conference audience than you would find in the same sample of the normal population. The key similarity being practice. Somebody can explain how you produce the notes or how you construct a class, but to build a song out of notes, and build a working software system out of those classes takes practice. 

Along with Hannes Lowette and Kevlin Henney, Beatie explored the creative aspect of code and music and how building guitars and writing codes are surprisingly similar.

Transcript here

Popular podcasts by GOTO

1. Expert Talk: Web Development & Its Failures • Kevlin Henney & Stefan Judis

Kevlin Henney, Stefan Judis and Lars Jensen talk about current practices, influences and where software developement is headed. More interestingly, learn about what yogurt and code have in common.

2. Modern software engineering  • Dave Farley & Steve Smith

In this episode, Dave Farley and Steve Smith outline the very essence of what defines software engineering and how that is distinct from simple craft. They dive into how you can become a master of learning and of managing complexity, how existing practices support that, and how to judge other ideas on their software engineering merits. If you're serious about treating software development as a true engineering discipline, this one is for you.

3. Driving innovation with Kubernetes and Java • Ana-Maria Mihalceanu & Eric Johnson

It's no secret that technology advances faster if we share knowledge. That’s the mission of a developer advocate. Ana-Maria Mihalceanu, developer advocate at Red Hat, talked to Eric Johnson, principal developer advocate at AWS, about her passion for learning, sharing knowledge, Java and Kubernetes. Discover what a Kubernetes operator is and when to use it vs Terraform.

Best of GOTO Book Club

1. AWS Cookbook: Recipes for Success on AWS • John Culkin, Mike Zazon & Kesha Williams

It's not always easy to solve common AWS challenges while on your cloud journey. Kesha Williams spoke to authors Mike Zazon and John Culkin, who wrote the book AWS Cookbook: Recipes for Success on AWS after working at Cloudreach and noticing common questions that development teams had while working with AWS. This episode will provide what you need to address foundational tasks and create high-level capabilities.

Among the recipes discussed were security, networking, storage, serverless and containers. Learn to examine code used to stand up recipe foundations, explore new services, and gain additional perspectives. 

Transcript here.

2. Kubeflow for Machine Learning • Holden Karau & Adi Polak

Training a machine learning model but aren't sure how to put it into production? Struggling to automate the training and deployment of your models? Join Authors of Kubeflow for Machine Learning Adi Polak, vice president of developer experience at Treeverse, and Holden Karau, open source engineer at Netflix, in their conversation about Kubeflow and how it provides better tooling in the ML space.

Apart from exploring the world of Kuberflow, their discussion covered Ray and Dask.

Transcript here.

3. Observability Engineering • Charity Majors, Liz Fong-Jones & George Miranda

Observability is crucial for developing and understanding the software that powers today’s complex systems. Software teams that adopt observability are much better equipped to ship code swiftly and confidently, identify outliers and aberrant behaviors.

Charity Majors, Liz Fong-Jones, and George Miranda, authors of Observability Engineering discuss how to manage software at scale, deliver complex cloud native applications and systems, and the benefit observability has across the entire software development lifecycle.

Transcript here.

The best is yet to come. Hello 2023!

We have a packed year coming up, which means more dev content and learnings for you. We’re already prepping for GOTO Amsterdam, taking place June 26-29. Avail the Early Bird Discount while you can. Meet us in Denmark for GOTO Aarhus in May and GOTO Copenhagen in October! Catch us for another conference in London, November 19-21.

That's not it.

We'll also return to one of our favorite US locations, so stay tuned for more news on GOTO Chicago.

We can’t wait to see you next year for plenty more events,  along with brand new YouTube videos, podcast episodes, blog posts and more!