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Reasons to Attend YOW! London 2022

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Are you ready? YOW! Is coming to London and it’s not your regular tech conference.

Whether you join in person or online, the event will be a chance to network with fellow developers and learn from the community. Read on for more information about the event (and snag your spot by registering).

Dive into expert-led sessions

This year’s summit includes an inspiring keynote with author and lecturer Linda Rising, who will help you understand how your brain's hardwiring can get in the way of working well with others, confirmation biases and how they might be preventing us from creating change and how technology can bring us all together.

In addition, you can attend a wealth of sessions led by developers, educators, activists and changemakers across the core themes of agile, education, well-being and inclusivity. Here are just a few of the exciting sessions on the agenda:

  • Jessica Kerr will kickstart the conference on how game designers craft an experience for the players and how software developers can apply those principles in their team.

  • Talking about real world cases, Dave Farley will illustrate how understanding your code process allows for creation of better solutions.

  • Chris Richardson will reveal how you can evaluate whether migrating an aging monolithic app to microservices is an excellent choice for your business.

  • Human beings have an astounding ability to see patterns and apply them in new contexts and Liz Keogh will illustrate the concepts of patterns that don't truly exist and demonstrate how they help organizations evolve.

A sneak peek into what it might be like:

Step into the metaverse and glance at the future 

VR and the metaverse could represent the next incarnation of the internet which will impact every industry. But have you ever wondered: 

  • How does deep fake AI work? 
  • What is it like to step into the metaverse? 
  • How does rock music combine with tech?  

Think humming along to your favorite rock songs but this time packed with tech buzzwords and even treading into the metaverse. Can it get better than that? 

Join the conversation

A tech conference as YOW! London is a unique opportunity to meet fellow creators, ask them your burning questions and immerse yourself in their stories, projects and practical advice. Topics for these Q&A sessions include:

  • How to reframe a problem and understand it through the act of design
  • How domain modeling can be utilized to look for novel abstractions and metaphors 
  • The tools you need to decide whether to migrate to the microservice architecture
  • What are the pros and cons of both monolithic and microservice architectural styles

Register now and join us at YOW! London on November 29-30 to connect with creators from across the globe and be part of the movement working towards a better world.

In addition to incredible relationship-building opportunities, some top reasons to participate include:

  • 25+ expert-led, outcome-based sessions from developers – Discover deep technical dives on new features, product roadmaps, performance tips, code structures, and studios' advice for better workflows.

  • Keynotes packed with product updates and creator stories – Join leaders and respected developers to hear inspiring stories and watch exciting tech demos.
By registering for YOW! London 2022, you’ll take your dev network and knowledge to the next level!