Celebrating 200k YouTube Subscribers!

200k YouTube Subscribers

After close to 1,400 videos and 3 million hours of watch time (that’s more than 300 years), we’ve hit 200,000 subscribers.

We’re proud to have such an outstanding community taking in our (almost) daily videos from the industry’s leading minds. As part of this milestone, we’ve compiled a list of our subscribers’ most-watched talks to date — and while some were recorded a few years back, you’ll find their lessons still ring true today.

Finally, to help celebrate the occasion and give back to you, our subscribers, we want to give you a chance to step out from behind the screen and get right in the middle of the action with an all-access pass to our 2021 conferences. To enter, share your favorite GOTO video on your preferred social media platform with the hashtag #GOTOcon. Find out more and enter the raffle.

Top 10 videos of all time

  • 2015 – Agile is Dead with Dave Thomas

    “Great talk! What I understand is that whatever the methodology is used, it must be adapted to our context and not the opposite.” – Mustapha Khafague

  • 2012 – Introduction to NoSQL with Martin Fowler

    “That’s what I call “perfect teaching.” This guy is amazing! For many years I was disappointed by my professors and their (in)ability to teach contagiously. This man justifies my (so-called) nagging.” – Giorgos Argyriou

  • 2014 – Microservices with Martin Fowler

    “Very articulate, clear-cut, easy to follow diction. That is a great speaker.” – Valentin Tihomirov

  • 2012 – User Interface (UX) Techniques withJanne Jul Jensen

    “Very informative — thank you. I watched this and came away with a lot of knowledge as a new UX designer.” – Mz Yems

  • 2019 – Quantum Computing with Jessica Pointing

    “Wow, well done! I’ve watched quite a few of these and yours was the most understandable. Kudos!” – Willis Taylor

  • 2020 – Beyond Microservices: Streams, Stats and Scalability with Gwen Shapiro

    “Very informative with clear illustrations. Probably the best content I have seen so far on microservices, covering the latest trends and direction in the field. Thank you very much!” – Surya Nimmakayala

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