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How to Manage Your Manager

There are tons of books about how to become a manager and how to improve as a manager, but in this Book Club episode, Trisha Gee talks to Ken Kousen about how you can manage your own manager. They explore his book “Help Your Boss Help You,” which takes the standpoint of an employee and how you can build a relationship with your boss that helps you get what you want. What drives the dynamic in a professional relationship, and how can you as an employee steer the wheel for your career?

September 9, 2021

How to Build a Consultancy People Enjoy Working for

What are companies doing to be attractive employers for great people? The companies represented by the three speakers, codecentric, INNOQ, and ThoughtWorks, are quite different but they also have something in common: They are consultancies addressing similar markets, and they aim to attract talented individuals by being an employer people want to work with. In this session the three speakers will give some insights into how their companies achieve this. What works well? Which approaches turned out to be a dead end? And in which areas are they still looking for ideas? Find out how to create a place people want to start working for, and more importantly, continue to do so in the long run.


Talking with Tech Leads

As a software engineer, you will have learned that "naming things" will remain one of the most difficult tasks in our industry. This is even more confusing when it comes to roles and responsibilities for the Tech Lead role. After interviewing many people playing technical leadership roles, establishing a European-wide Tech Lead training program in his last company, and training 100+ Tech Leads around the world, Patrick will share his lessons learned about what exactly a Tech Lead is, and what it takes to make the role successful. If you currently have or would like to take on a leadership role for an engineering team, come to this session to hear some practical tips that will make you a more successful Tech Lead. **Prerequisite attendee experience level:** Advanced


Keynote: From Heart of Agile to Guest Leadership

In 2017, we see both a trend and a need for everyone in an organization to take initiative to organize work and make decisions. Millennials are inclined that way, agile calls for that, and organizations need it in today's fast-paced world. This keynote starts from the "heart of agile", which is nothing more than Collaborate - Deliver - Reflect - Improve, and passing through the Collaborate channel, gets to the role of the manager as a "push-to-pull" umbrella, and from there to the topic of what happens when the guests become momentary leaders. This talk ties together the roots of agile development with the current conversations in 2017.


The Engineering-Manager Transition: How to take great Engineers and make them great Technical Leaders

From mentoring team members to aligning engineering efforts with business priorities, today's companies are in dire need of great technical leaders. There is no management school for this and most organizations lack access to guidance or a mentorship framework that can transition their most talented core contributors into contemporary engineering managers. This talk will share tactics for using an engineer's natural pattern-matching skills within a framework for dealing with the situationally complex problems that arise within growing modern technical teams.


Why Open Source Firmware is Important

This talk will dive into some of the problems of running servers at scale, with data from surveys and why open source firmware will solve some of the problems. Why is it important for security and root of trust? It will also cover the state of open source firmware today.


130 People with No Bosses. Too Good To Be True?

Helle works in Vertica - a company with no bosses. No organisational hierarchy. No middle mangement. Does that sound too good to be true? And how does it work? Well, for one, it is not the anarchy, it could sound like. Either is it magic. It takes another kind of structure, and maybe it isn’t for everybody. In this talk, Helle will give an insight into how Vertica has solved the puzzle of “no hierarchy”. How do they manage with no mangement. And what about leadership? Pros and cons? Hopefully you will get inspired, or maybe you’ll be more happy with your boss after listening to this talk.