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John Viner

Senior Director of Engineering at Zendesk

John Viner

John is a technology executive with 29 years experience creating software products for the investment banking, insurance, logistics, utilities, travel publishing, sport, digital marketplace and currently customer service industries. World class software delivery is a complex dance that brings together product ideas, user experience design, architecture, high quality testable software and frequent, iterative deployments to production. his career has been about choreographing teams, people, processes and technology to make that happen.

John's role as the Senior Director of Engineering at the global SaaS company, Zendesk, has seen him growing the Platform group from 30 in early 2018 to a team of 100 engineers by 2023. Their group is developing new and innovative capabilities that are central to the evolution of Zendesk to a platform company.

Johan has a passion for applying the philosophies of Agile Software development together with creating supportive people-oriented environments to bring inspiring software into people’s hands more quickly and with greater impact.

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