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Elle Meredith

Founder and Director of Blackmill Consulting

Elle Meredith

Currently serving as the Director of Blackmill and making significant contributions as a member of the DJPR Industry Advisory panel, Elle has a strong background in technology as an entrepreneur and leader.

Elle's previous experience includes contributing to ANZ's Re-Skilling Accelerator, identifying and hiring top talent for emerging roles within the company. She also developed and successfully ran an apprenticeship engineering academy for Qantas Hotels and Disco Labs, nurturing the skills and talents of aspiring engineers.

Passionate about fostering community and empowering professionals, Elle organised Women Work Jelly meetups in New York City, creating a supportive environment for women to network and share experiences.

Elle has organised notable conferences and workshops, including Rails Camp USA East Coast in 2016, GORUCO in 2015, 2016, and 2018, as well as various Ruby community events. Her commitment to the Ruby community is evident through her involvement as a committee member of Ruby Australia and organising Ruby Conf AU 2014, Rails Girls Sydney workshops, and Railscamp IX in 2009.

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