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Rachel Laycock

Chief Technology Officer at Thoughtworks

Rachel Laycock

Rachel joined ThoughtWorks in 2010 as a developer and has since taken on increasingly complex challenges for clients worldwide. Her career at ThoughtWorks includes significant leadership roles, such as the Global Managing Director for the Enterprise Modernization, Platforms, and Cloud (EMPC) service line. In this capacity, she led teams in modernizing client enterprises and leveraging cloud technologies to drive business value.

As CTO, Rachel is responsible for the ongoing development and communication of ThoughtWorks' technology strategy and vision. She plays a crucial role in ensuring the company remains at the forefront of technology, helping clients scale new technologies across their enterprises and achieve rapid digital transformation.

Rachel is passionate about problem-solving and has extensive experience in Agile and continuous delivery practices. She has worked in various countries, including the UK, Germany, India, Australia, and the US, gaining a broad perspective on global business and technology challenges.

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