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Nilesh Makwana

CEO at illuminance Solutions, Public Interest Technologist, Social Innovator

Nilesh Makwana

Nilesh Makwana is an internationally acclaimed speaker, visionary leader, and social innovator dedicated to advancing digital inclusion and diversity in technology. As the co-founder and CEO of Illuminance Solutions, a Microsoft Global Partner for Social Impact, Nilesh has transformed the tech landscape with his relentless pursuit of social betterment and technological empowerment.

A Trailblazer in Technology and Social Impact

With his business partner Vincent Lam, Nilesh has built one of Australia's most diverse workplaces, embodying the ethos of inclusivity and innovation. Illuminance Solutions, under Nilesh’s leadership, has developed groundbreaking software solutions that support people living with disabilities, Indigenous Native title trusts and corporations, and the elderly, bridging gaps in accessibility and service delivery.

Philanthropy Driven by Empathy

Nilesh’s philanthropic initiatives are fueled by a deep sense of empathy. He has dedicated countless hours to providing free technical training, striving to eliminate the digital literacy gap in Indigenous communities and regional Western Australia. His efforts have not only empowered individuals but have also fostered community growth and resilience.

Bridging Sectors for Mutual Benefit

Known for his ability to unite business, government, academia, and community sectors, Nilesh has forged strong partnerships to promote workplace diversity and digital literacy. His founding of West Tech Assemblage exemplifies his commitment to cross-industry collaboration, bringing together tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to drive collective progress.

A Global Voice for Inclusion

Nilesh’s influence extends beyond the corporate world. He actively participates in diplomatic activities to strengthen ties between Australia and India, his home country. As a frequent speaker on workplace diversity and social inclusion, Nilesh’s insights are sought after in media outlets and conferences at local, state, and national levels.

Recognised Excellence

Nilesh’s exceptional contributions have been recognized with numerous prestigious awards:

  • Social Impact Award - WA-Asian Business Award 2024
  • Microsoft Global Award - 2019 Partner of the Year, Tech For Social Impact category
  • WA Government Office of the Multicultural Interest Business Award - 2021
  • Business News 40under40 Award and City of Perth Strategic Alignment Business Award - 2020
  • ACS Disruptors Awards ""CXO Gold Disruptor of the Year"" - 2019
  • Business News Rising Stars Winner for Diversity - 2019
  • Business Migrant of the Year - 2019 Belmont WA Business Awards
  • Illuminance Solutions: A Beacon of Innovation

Illuminance Solutions, based in Perth, is a testament to Nilesh’s vision of leveraging technology for social good. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, the company is committed to driving social value, inclusion, and accessibility across various sectors, including non-profits, mining, finance, and government. Their expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications, Power Platform, and Cloud-Azure Stack ensures they deliver intelligent business solutions that transform organizations and change lives.

Nilesh Makwana’s story is one of passion, purpose, and unwavering commitment to making the world a more inclusive and equitable place through the power of technology.

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