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Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up

Publication date:
November 29, 2023

Data governance manages the people, processes, and strategy needed for deploying data projects to production. But doing it well is far from easy: Less than one fourth of business leaders say their organizations are data driven. In Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up, you’ll build a cross-functional strategy to create roadmaps and stewardship for data-focused projects, embed data governance into your engineering practice, and put processes in place to monitor data after deployment. In the last decade, the amount of data people produced grew 3,000 percent. Most organizations lack the strategy to clean, collect, organize, and automate data for production-ready projects. Without effective data governance, most businesses will keep failing to gain value from the mountain of data that’s available to them. There’s a plethora of content intended to help DataOps and DevOps teams reach production, but 90 percent of projects trained with big data fail to reach production because they lack governance. This book shares six steps you can take to build a data governance strategy from scratch. You’ll find a data framework, pull together a team of data stewards, build a data governance team, define your roadmap, weave data governance into your development process, and monitor your data in production. Whether you’re a chief data officer or individual contributor, this book will show you how to manage up, get the buy-in you need to build data governance, find the right colleagues to co-create data governance, and keep them engaged for the long haul. @ Pragmatic Programmer


Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up

Samia Rahman, the director of enterprise data strategy, architecture, and governance at Seagen, explores, together with, Lauren Maffeo, a senior service designer at Steampunk, the core principles of creating a data governance structure in small or large companies from the bottom up. The conversation picks on the most compelling parts of the book "Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up, written by Lauren.

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