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Genetic Algorithms in Elixir: Solve Problems Using Evolution

Publication date:
September 14, 2023
Sean Moriarity
Sean Moriarity

Author of Genetic Algorithms in Elixir and Machine Learning in Elixir, co-creator of Nx.

From finance to artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms are a powerful tool with a wide array of applications. But you don't need an exotic new language or framework to get started; you can learn about genetic algorithms in a language you're already familiar with. Join us for an in-depth look at the algorithms, techniques, and methods that go into writing a genetic algorithm. From introductory problems to real-world applications, you'll learn the underlying principles of problem solving using genetic algorithms.


Genetic Algorithms in Elixir

Delve into the realm of genetic algorithms and its versatility across diverse domains, from finance to artificial intelligence. In the latest episode of GOTO Book Club, author Sean Moriarity spoke to Bruce Tate about the fundamentals, and intricacies of genetic algorithms and their problem-solving prowess. The book's approach is both pragmatic and innovative, harnessing Elixir's features to craft efficient and idiomatic genetic algorithms. What sets this resource apart is its accessibility, inviting readers into the world of genetic algorithms using a familiar language. Master the complete lifecycle of problem-solving with genetic algorithms and learn how Elixir’s simple syntax and functional style make for the creation of idiomatic solutions to optimization problems with genetic algorithms. This is an eye-opening opportunity to explore a potent field without the need to grapple with unfamiliar languages or frameworks.

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