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Andy Greenberg

Author of "Sandworm" and "Tracers in the Dark". Writes about security, privacy, information freedom, and hacker culture.

Andy Greenberg

Andy Greenberg is an accomplished investigative journalist and author known for his insightful reporting on technology, cybersecurity, and digital privacy. Throughout his career, he has been at the forefront of covering crucial stories related to cyber warfare, hacking, and the impact of technology on society.

Andy is an award-winning senior writer for WIRED. His previous book "Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar and the Hunt for the Kremlin's Most Dangerous Hackers", as well as excerpts from it published in WIRED, won many exceptional awards:

  • Gerald Loeb Award for International Reporting,
  • Sigma Delta Chi Award from the Society of Professional Journalists,
  • two Deadline Club Awards from the New York Society of Professional Journalists,
  • and the Cornelius Ryan Citation for Excellence from the Overseas Press Club.

Before joining WIRED in 2014, Greenberg worked as a senior reporter for Forbes magazine. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, filmmaker Malika Zouhali-Worrall.

Andy’s books:

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