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Learning Test-Driven Development: A Polyglot Guide to Writing Uncluttered Code

Publication date:
April 7, 2022
Saleem Siddiqui
Saleem Siddiqui

Author of Learning Test-Driven Development and Director of Platform Architecture

Your code is a testament to your skills as a developer. No matter what language you use, code should be clean, elegant, and uncluttered. By using test-driven development (TDD), you'll write code that's easy to understand, retains its elegance, and works for months, even years, to come. With this indispensable guide, you'll learn how to use TDD with three different languages: Go, JavaScript, and Python.


Learning Test-Driven Development

You may think test-driven development wouldn't work in your preferred programming language, or that it would disrupt your code writing — this Book Club episode proves otherwise. Saleem Siddiqui, author of “Learning Test-Driven Development,” and Dave Farley, author of "Modern Software Engineering," review the multiple ways test-driven development can yield more effective results and produce higher quality code.

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