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Effective Haskell

Publication date:
February 4, 2024

Put the power of Haskell to work in your programs, learning from an engineer who uses Haskell daily to get practical work done efficiently. Leverage powerful features like Monad Transformers and Type Families to build useful applications. Realize the benefits of a pure functional language, like protecting your code from side effects. Manage concurrent processes fearlessly. Apply functional techniques to working with databases and building RESTful services. Don’t get bogged down in theory, but learn to employ advanced programming concepts to solve real-world problems. Don’t just learn the syntax, but dive deeply into Haskell as you build efficient, well-tested programs.


Effective Haskell Solving Real-World Problems with Strongly Typed Functional Programming

Rebecca Skinner, author of "Effective Haskell," discusses key topics from her book in an interview with Emily Pillmore. The conversation touches on teaching philosophy, the practical approach to learning Haskell, the use of GHC versus building a system, and the significance of laziness in Haskell. Skinner shares insights on Monad Transformer Library (MTL) choices and hints at future explorations. The interview concludes with a focus on Skinner's programming journey, emphasizing the joy of coding and the importance of embracing failure as a crucial part of the learning process in Haskell.

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