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How to Keep Your Cloud-Native Apps Secure

An increasing number of organizations are adopting cloud-native apps, and new research reveals that along with that adoption, 60 percent of organizations have increased security concerns. We got together with Jörg Müller, principal consultant at INNOQ, to hear his tips on how to help with the security and operational challenges companies often face when adopting cloud-native apps.

June 28, 2021

Cloud Native Java

To rapidly deliver web applications to production, organizations are turning to infrastructure automation provided by a cloud platform, like Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes. With a cloud platform in place, every team will have what they need to create a CI/CD pipeline that safely delivers applications to a production environment. The final ingredient for success is knowing the right patterns for connecting distributed applications together over HTTP using REST APIs. In this session, Kenny Bastani from Pivotal will dive into a reference architecture that demonstrates the patterns and practices for securely connecting together cloud native Java applications.