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What are Micro-Frontends and How to Use Them

Not sure where micro-frontends would fit in your current architecture? Luca Mezzalira, author of “Building Micro-Frontends,” speaks with Lucas Dohmen, a senior consultant from INNOQ, to share what problems you can solve with micro-frontends and where they can fit within your distributed systems.

March 15, 2022

In the Pursuit of the Best Developer Experience

**We all want to be like Etsy, having our new hires deploy to production on Day 1** But we are enterprises, with all organizational and technical complexity that comes with our size, industry peculiarities, security, and regulatory requirements. There are so many things that need to happen for our new hire: roles assigned, permissions provisioned... repositories, tools, and platforms configured for a new hire to hit the ground running on Day 1. None of this helps in smooth developer experience. And that's only the start. Dynamic reteaming is a thing. People change teams and projects. Naturally, their access rights seamlessly follow these changes. Or do they? Ivan and Kresimir found that onboarding and offboarding housekeeping activities are far from optimal in mid-sized and large enterprise organizations. Moreover, these activities are impeding the flow of value, increasing security risks and damaging developer experience. **In this talk**, Ivan and Kresimir will share their experience in tackling these problems and how this quest for ideal developer experience resulted in a mystical tool that does all the work for you