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Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices

Sascha Möllering | GOTO Berlin 2018

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As serverless architectures become more popular, customers need a framework of patterns to help them identify how they can leverage AWS to deploy their workloads without managing servers or operating systems. This session describes reusable serverless patterns while considering costs. For each pattern, we provide operational and security best practices and discuss potential pitfalls and nuances. We also discuss the considerations for moving an existing server-based workload to a serverless architecture. The patterns use services like AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon Kinesis Analytics, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, AWS Step Functions, AWS Config, AWS X-Ray, and Amazon Athena. This session can help you recognize candidates for serverless architectures in your own organizations and understand areas of potential savings and increased agility.

Prerequisite attendee experience: advanced

About the speakers

Sascha Möllering
Sascha Möllering

Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL