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Lizard Optimization: Unlocking Product Growth by Engaging Long-Tail Users

Publication date:
July 2, 2024
Gojko Adzic
Gojko Adzic

Award-winning author and software delivery consultant

"Lizard Optimization: Unlocking Product Growth by Engaging Long-Tail Users" explores innovative strategies to boost product growth by focusing on long-tail users. The book delves into how these often-overlooked customers can significantly impact business success when engaged effectively, offering practical insights and case studies to illustrate its principles. It challenges traditional marketing approaches by advocating for a tailored, personalized approach that harnesses the power of diversity within user bases.


Lizard Optimization

Dave Farley and Gojko Adzic discuss Gojko’s latest book “Lizard Optimization”, which involves identifying and leveraging unconventional uses and misuses of products to improve them for all users. Gojko shares insights and examples from his experiences with Narakeet and MindMup, highlighting how addressing the needs of outlier users led to significant product enhancements and growth. They also touch on broader themes of user retention, the joy of building and solving problems, and the balance between solo work and collaborative efforts in software development and writing.

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