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Enabling Microservice Success: Managing Technical, Organizational, and Cultural Challenges

Publication date:
June 12, 2024
Sarah Wells
Sarah Wells

Independent consultant and author

In "Enabling Microservice Success: Managing Technical, Organizational, and Cultural Challenges" the author provides a comprehensive guide for adopting microservices, based on her experience at the Financial Times since 2013. The book covers the benefits and challenges of microservices, offering strategies for effective implementation and maintenance. Readers will learn about the impact on development practices, necessary organizational changes, key preparatory steps, and how to avoid common pitfalls. The guidance aims to help organizations leverage microservices for faster and more efficient system changes while minimizing support and maintenance issues.


Enabling Microservices Success

Sam Newman talks to Sarah Wells about her new book "Enabling Microservice Success." Sarah Wells, an independent consultant with extensive experience from working at the "Financial Times," shares insights on engineering leadership, culture, and the practicalities of implementing microservices. They discuss challenges like out of hours support, the importance of organizational culture, and lessons learned from early microservice adoption. Sarah and Sam highlight the necessity of a thoughtful approach to microservices, emphasizing team autonomy and resilience.

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