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Service Mesh Primer

Publication date:
November 19, 2020
Hanna Prinz
Hanna Prinz

Consultant at InnoQ

Eberhard Wolff
Eberhard Wolff

Prolific author of "Microservices: Flexible Software Architecture". Working for 15+ years as an architect & consultant

Get started with Service Meshes by reading this primer by Eberhard Wolff and Hanna Prinz. The book guides you through what a service mesh is, gives you the reasons to use one, and a complete executable example with Istio.

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Getting Started with Service Mesh

Hanna Prinz, a consultant at InnoQ, and Eberhard Wolff, fellow at InnoQ, the authors of Service Mesh Primer explain what a service mesh is and more importantly when and if you should use it. They also delve into the main features and reasons for deciding to use one.

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