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Politics & Hierarchy: How We Create It & How to Stop

Benjamin Mitchell | GOTO Berlin 2019

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Ever had that heavy disappointment when you join an ‘empowered team’ and realise that politics and hierarchy are still driving behaviour.. and it won’t stop? Ever been frustrated that no matter what you do the political games just endlessly confuse and muddy any earnest attempt at doing work? Even in LeanAgile teams? What the hell is going on? Is it hopeless?

In this talk, drawing from his deep practical experience as a transformation specialist, Benjamin challenges traditional thinking by using Eastern Philosophical models as lenses to explore new ways of thinking of how politics and hierarchy arise even in the most LeanAgile environments – and has a few suggestions on what we might do about it.

About the speakers

Benjamin Mitchell
Benjamin Mitchell

Experienced Agile Delivery Practitioner & Advocate of Effective Communication Skills

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