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Serverless Chatbots with Amazon Lex & AWS Lambda

Chris Munns | GOTO Chicago 2017

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Chatbots are changing how companies engage and service their customers across multiple functions, from sales to customer support and more. With Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda, you can now easily build rich, conversational interfaces into any application. Powered by the same technology as Alexa, Amazon Lex provides automatic speech recognition (ASR) as well as natural language understanding (NLU). AWS Lambda lets you build function-based serverless applications. Used together, Lex and Lambda let you build chatbots that rapidly scale and which require almost zero administration or capacity planning. Come to this session to learn how to quickly get started and build your first serverless chatbot!

About the speakers

Chris Munns
Chris Munns

Principal Developer Advocate - Serverless at Amazon Web Services

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