Use Solace and AWS to Create a Global EDA Backbone

Updated on October 26, 2023
Chintan Sanghavi
Chintan Sanghavi

Lead Architect - FinTech/FSI Partner ISVs at AWS

Michael Hilmen
Michael Hilmen

Sn Technical Director at Solace

There are many advantages to deploying applications in the cloud, and having on-premises applications tap into AWS services for things like storage, AI/ML and streaming analytics, but to realize the ROI of such “hybrid cloud” strategies you need an efficient way of enable real-time interactions between your datacenter and the cloud. Event-driven architecture is a powerful approach to integrating systems that lets you easily link cloud and on-premises assets, and even migrate them back and forth on-demand if you decide to do so.

In this session, you will learn what kinds of challenges you’ll face when integrating systems in different runtime environments, and why EDA is the best way to overcome them. Michael Hilmen and Chintan Sanghavi will explain how EDA can help you accelerate cloud, mainframe and EKS migration efforts. This is a level 200 talk – appropriate for IT professionals with a solid understanding of application architecture and the nature of cloud and on-premises runtime environments.