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Dino Apps Deserve Love Too!

Michael Irwin | GOTO Chicago 2018

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We all have them... dino (legacy) apps that no one wants to touch, let alone "modernize" by breaking it apart and creating microservices. While Docker is often seen as a tool to support microservices, what if you REALLY don't want to change the app? It's just too risky, right? Not at all. In fact, it's too risky NOT to containerize that dino.

Come prepared to hear of the benefits, learn best practices, and even see a dino app get updated to enjoy the benefits of being moved into a modern software supply chain, especially the security-related benefits. And who knows? There may even be some dino surprises, so be ready for anything!

About the speakers

Michael Irwin
Michael Irwin

Docker Captain, Community Leader & Application Architect at Virginia Tech