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Bringing Magic To Microservice Architecture Development

Ellen Körbes | GOTO Copenhagen 2018

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"I want my monolith back!" is a sentiment often echoed because developing multi-service, multi-container systems in the Kubernetes world lacks a lot of the convenience monoliths used to have. Straight-forward builds, trivial testing between components, short feedback loops…

In this talk we'll address the main issues developers run into when developing distributed, Kubernetes-native systems as opposed the old way of doing things. Then we'll see Garden's solution for how we can get back those feedback loops, create multi-service tests, and minimize mental overhead when developing complex systems, all the while keeping track of all service inter-dependencies.

This session is aimed at developers, devops engineers, and application architects working on multi-container systems.

About the speakers

Ellen Körbes
Ellen Körbes

Life-long command-line dweller and developer relations