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Cloud Foundry Container Runtime: BOSH-Powered, Web-Scale Release Engineering for Kubernetes

Cameron Stewart | GOTO Chicago 2018

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We’ve all come to know and love Kubernetes, but have you ever wondered where the cracks begin to show? How does K8s handle massive load? Can you ensure that your workloads will always be available to your end users, even “at scale"? This and other challenges like patching and upgrading have been keeping K8s operators up at night. No more! Enter BOSH, the automation powerhouse at the heart of running large-scale distributed systems like Cloud Foundry. BOSH has long been championed for its excellence in 'Day 2' operations - patching and upgrading, scaling, zero-downtime deployments - all while creating incredible resiliency and reliability with battle tested processes around high availability. When the power of Kubernetes meets the operational efficiency of BOSH, magic happens. Cloud Foundry Container Runtime is that magic incarnate. Come learn about this powerful project, and see some real world resiliency in action!

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Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart

Partner Solutions Architect at Pivotal