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Old Is the New New

Kevlin Henney | GOTO Chicago 2018

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Everything is changing. Everything is new. Frameworks, platforms and trends are displaced on a weekly basis. Skills are churning.

And yet... Beneath this seemingly turbulent flow there is a slow current, strong and steady, changing relatively little over the decades. Concepts with a long history appear in new forms and fads and technologies. Principles are revisited. Ideas once lost to the mainstream are found again.

In this keynote we revisit the present through the past, looking at the enduring principles that shape programming languages, architecture, development practice and development process, the ideas that cycle round, each time becoming perhaps a little better defined, a little more mature, and look to see what else might be on the horizon.

About the speakers

Kevlin Henney
Kevlin Henney

Independent consultant, speaker, writer and trainer