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Are We Post-Serverless?

Julian Wood • James Beswick | GOTO Unscripted

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James Beswick and Julian Wood analyze the evolving landscape of serverless computing, from its current state to its future trajectory. They discuss the fusion of containers and serverless, highlighting the flexibility and efficiency gained from running Lambda functions from container images.
Moreover, they emphasize the importance of asynchronous development and the role it plays in scaling applications, with Julian Wood noting its under-appreciated potential for high performance.

Throughout the dialogue, they touch on cost management, architectural decisions and the collaborative relationship between AWS and its customers in shaping the future of serverless technologies. As they envision the next five years, they anticipate a continued integration of best practices, platform evolution, and groundbreaking innovations influenced by customer feedback and industry trends.

About the speakers

Julian Wood
Julian Wood

Serverless Developer Advocate at AWS

James Beswick
James Beswick

Senior Manager, AWS Serverless Developer Advocacy