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Complexity is the Gotcha of Event-driven Architecture

David Boyne | GOTO EDA Day London 2024

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Organizations today face significant challenges in adapting quickly to technological advancements and shifting consumer demands. This struggle often leads to decreased innovation and agility, hindering business growth and competitiveness.

Event-driven architecture (EDA) offers a powerful solution that extends beyond the traditional roles of producers, consumers, and brokers. It facilitates the creation of dynamic architectures that evolve, empower teams, and enhance agility, enabling businesses to thrive in rapidly changing environments.

This talk delves into how complexity can obscure the potential of event-driven architecture (EDA). We'll investigate how EDA contributes to the growth of evolutionary architectures and discuss the guardrails and governance strategies needed to manage complexity and fully harness EDA's potential.

Whether you're improving your current architecture or embarking on a new journey, this session will offer actionable insights into controlling complexity and help you realize the potential of event-driven architectures.

About the speakers

David Boyne
David Boyne

Senior Developer Advocate at AWS