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Cloud FinOps and Kubernetes Optimisation at Scale

Matt Callanan | YOW! Melbourne 2023

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Cloud spend is complex. Cloud providers send millions or even billions of line items to enterprise customers each month. Each company must make sense of this billing while moving from a CapEx to OpEx operating model. On top of that, add the complexity of building, running, and expensing an internal Kubernetes platform.

How can we process the cloud bill in a way that makes sense for engineers, finance, management, and executives? How can FinOps help? How can we charge back the shared cost of internal platforms like Kubernetes to the tenants (application owners)? How can we optimise Kubernetes workloads?

Matt talks through the journey of Expedia Group as an early advisor to the FinOps Foundation and surveys current approaches to Kubernetes optimisation. Whether you’re at the Crawl, Walk, or Run phase of your FinOps and/or Kubernetes journey, there’s something for everyone in this talk.

About the speakers

Matt Callanan
Matt Callanan

Principal Software Development Engineer at Expedia Group

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