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Helm Your Way with Kubernetes

Ana-Maria Mihalceanu | GOTO Amsterdam 2022

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Changes, even those that represent an improvement, are always accompanied by obstacles and discomforts.

Kubernetes is regarded as complex to work with given the amount and type of objects that need to be handled in addition to releases that you operate with.

In this session, Ana-Maria will address complexity with development passion. This session will explain and demonstrate live how you can simplify Kubernetes complexity using Helm3: templates, values, dependencies and pod specifications made easier, maintainable and reusable. Bonus: no release will be left behind when migrating from Helm version 2 to Helm version 3.

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • Different strategies on how to use Helm charts in order to simplify your work with Kubernetes objects
  • How to safely keep the history of configuration when upgrading to the latest version of Helm

About the speakers

Ana-Maria Mihalceanu
Ana-Maria Mihalceanu

Developer Advocate at Red Hat