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Building a Serverless Distributed Ledger with FaunaDB

Chris Anderson | GOTO Berlin 2017

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As the blockchain hype passes, one standout use-case with lasting interest is the distributed ledger. A distributed ledger allows participants at different sites to maintain shared transaction logs. Enterprises are exploring non-blockchain implementations of distributed ledgers, while at the same time embracing the serverless paradigm. In this talk we’ll explore a ledger implementation using the Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda, and FaunaDB. Then we’ll describe how to deploy the ledger application across a consortium of market participants, achieving the collaboration, auditing, and security results needed for a distributed ledger, all without the typical downsides of the blockchain. Finally we’ll point you to in-depth resources to learn more about how Fortune 500s are using globally consistent databases to build scalable distributed applications without the blockchain.

About the speakers

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson

Director of Developer Experience at Fauna