Journey From 100’s of Pipelines To a Single Pipeline

Bhavik Gudka | GOTO Chicago 2023


Join Bhavik in this insightful session as he shares Capital One's journey towards a unified pipeline ecosystem, showcasing the power of DevOps in standardizing software delivery at scale. This presentation is ideal for engineers, leaders, architects, product managers, and business leaders who wish to harness DevOps to standardize their own software delivery life cycle.

In this talk, Bhavik will discuss how Capital One:

  • Transitioned from the traditional "Somebody builds, somebody operates" approach to a modern, collaborative "You Build You Own" model.
  • Set an ambitious goal to unify software delivery tools and processes in order to accelerate their technology transformation.
  • Integrated various processes into a centralized pipeline system, creating a seamless software delivery experience.
  • Revolutionized the way they build software, fostering innovation and efficiency.
  • Empowered developers to rapidly build and deploy software while maintaining high standards of security, reliability, and quality.

Discover how the pipeline ecosystem built at Capital One is leveraged by engineers across the company to build and deploy code, as well as to provision their infrastructure. Learn how your organization can benefit from adopting a similar approach and embrace the power of DevOps.

About the speakers

Bhavik Gudka
Bhavik Gudka

Sr. Director, Software Engineering at Capital One