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#DigitalNudge - The Hidden Forces that Shape our Digital Decisions

Fabio Nudge Pereira | GOTO Chicago 2020

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35 thousand — that's the average number of decisions a person makes a day.
Almost one decision every two seconds. Have you ever wondered how many of these are "digital decisions"? Digital decisions are the ones we make using technology devices like smartphones, wearables and laptops. They're also decisions that computers and algorithms are making for us.

The number of digital decisions are only growing. In this talk Fabio will discuss:

  • Digital choice architecture (UX, XD, design, etc.) uses
  • Dark patterns to get people to do what they don't want/need to
  • The impact on individuals
  • What moral standards organizations hold themselves to
  • Trust, loyalty and users who come back because their needs have been resolved
  • The prevalence, power and danger of machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality The #DigitalNudges4Good movement, which is about finding ways to leverage the knowledge about behavioral science and the nudge theory in ways that we can make the world a better place

Does it feature code examples and/or live coding? No

About the speakers

Fabio Nudge Pereira
Fabio Nudge Pereira

Author of the book Digital Nudge, Futurist, TEDx Speaker and Curator

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